Wednesday, July 02, 2008

erika thooooong!!!!

nowadays, erika really gets into my nerves. i guess its normal.

i ask her to do something, she ignores me or gives me the "look" or answers back.

now she loves leaving her exercise books in school (new trend i guess) and the worst part is she sometimes leave the ones that need to do homework too!! then she whines and cries that she lost her textbooks and make us go crazzzzzzzzy....then she started telling tales.

her tales include that a school day is declared a "holiday" since she can't do her work (teacher beat her hand the other day for it) so she dun wanna face teacher again. daddy said its not his birthday so she gotta go to school. i just ignored her tales.

however po po belived her and insist that i call her teacher to confirm!! i am in the office la ma! choice pacify these 2 ladies i called the teacher's mobile, didn't pick up (yahooo no need to talk to her) then i google to get her school number, engagaed (phew! or else the school administrator will think i am a wacky mom who doesn't even know when is school hols).

then i called the teacher again and she answered. told her the whole story and she told me the whole story on erika's lil' canning...i said serve her right!
so off to school she went....she gave us a cheeky smile and told us that teacher sang her a "birthday song" in front of all her friends.

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jazzmint said...

wah she banyak cerita eh to escape school