Wednesday, March 30, 2011

evira talking

almost 3 years old now and she talks cute

"mom, can i have peekabooo mien? pleassss", "can you switch on peekabooo mien" ~ she meant can i watch 'despicable me' (the movie)

"dun say old lady, i tell popo wan"

"i go to taman tun school"

"my name is evira"

"i want lipstick mommy, put lipstick for me pleesss" (bring my bag - pout her lips all ready for some red hot action)

"you say sorry, say sorrryyyyyy" to any kid that push her around and they will have to deal with her "polite" wrath.

evi -did you eat the chocolate cake?

"no i di den, not me" (with a cute choc-straight-face and evidence smudged all over hands and face!!)

are u sure, you didn't?

"not me, i din, i diinn eat the cake"

ok, was the chocolate cake nice?

"yes, it was yummy, i like it"