Tuesday, January 29, 2008

home sweet home

finally back home from kunming...due to the limited available flight options...gotta fly thai and had a long waitover at bangkok airport. the great part is ~ i get to do my feet massage & eat tom yum non stop for that...so not really complaining lah!!

(sorry still as greedy , no natural appetite suppressant for me la)

the not so great part is i went there for work...

pictures to post later (busy clearing up off work now) but gotta share this...

the funny part is the waiters and waitresses in kunming are a real terror bunch...service is soooo bloody good and efficient that b4 u finish they already took your plate away...sometimes i dun even have time to taste that serving! well they serve fast, take away your plates fast, so u get to go back to your hotel room fast...pronto pronto....that's communist red cina service for you...i guess its like tat la...service no. 1.

i can honestly say they are more efficient than the JAPs!! imagine la

Thursday, January 17, 2008

tok tok tok

since elli's been to school over the last week, her vocab is very like a "teacher teacher"

"why you dun listen to what i saaaaaay??"

"i dunno what you talking about" (this line sounds exactly like daddy here)

"why you scold me?" "i dun like you anymore" "you make me sooooo angry!!!" "i dun like you foreeeeeeveeeeer" "waaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa"

"i am talking to you..... (use her hand to move your face to look at her) "look at meeee...i dun wan you to...." watch tv or talk to popo or talk on the phone

or instead of calling her "mui mui" sometimes she insists i call her "teacher"

of cos she is not allowed to scold me back....and i will tell her
"elli you cannot scold mommy, that's wrong"

and if she is guilty, she will give a sheepish smile, and her cheeky look then say
"sorriii mommiii" which usually follows with a kiss and hugzzz!

Monday, January 14, 2008

elli in school

thankfully elli is the opposite of erika.

elli loves school and looks forward to go...today she was sick...doc said most probably got the germs from school (and the paed warned that this won't be the last...since school is a breeding & spreading ground for germs) alamak!!!

this morning...she woke up early, got all dressed-up (even put on a girlie pink dress which she is not crazy about) but since i told her yesterday that if she wanna go to school, she gotta wear it, so she did! even happily let me comb her hair neatly which she hates...she's really enthusiastic lah!

so when we told elli she can't go to school she was so dissapointed that i had to lie and took her to the doc's office instead...poor girl.

when we fed her the 3 bottles of medicine, she obliged to drink coz we said...."drink medicine, get better, then can go school!"

wah now can use school to bribe her...hahahhaha

another funny thing is now elli likes to be called "mui mui" (lil' sister) but not "mei mei".

when i say "elli darling you want nen nen?" or "elli you want mommy to hug you to sleep".

elli will say "dun call me elli, call me mui mui!"

Friday, January 04, 2008

school starts

walking to erika's chinese school last week for the orientation, daddy and i had a nostalgic feeling that we were walking into a communist propaganda boot camp...with speakers blasting out loud chinese speeches. we saw loads of 1st time students lining up in the halls with all the anxious parents hoarding around them. the air was stuffy to say the least.... i had to go out of the hall to get some air or else i might create a bigger scene than erika if i faint like a big fat elephant in that hall! with a big belly, i am not one of those Anoretix in tow!

yes...erika was causing a scene too...she was the only one clearly crying her eyes out...the other one or two cry babies were just sobbing very quietly on their own, but erika was in full force!!

cry while lining up, cry during the assembly, cry walking to class, cry in the class....it was a teary wet day! that was only orientation day....

then on the first day of school, after all the cajoling, bribery, sweet-talk in preparation for this day…the same crying pattern occurred!! aiyoooooo daddy was so heartsick that he had to leave. now he realize his darling girl is such a spoilt little brat…mega tofu!!

i had no choice but to leave too, after she has settled into her class. even elli was starting to call her sis “cry baby”. i hope next week when i send elli to kindy (her 1st) she won't repeat this pattern...hopefully she learned from her sis *fingers crossed*

when i went back to see her during recess time, wow!! transformed, she was now all smiles…sharing colour pencils with a boy coz mommy never bring any stationery for her!! eh! how mommy know must bring own pencils and colour pencils…me also 1st time mah!!

then erika even quarrelled with the boy that shared his colour pencils with her, coz he teased her “cry baby” and she shot back at him, so dun play play with erika!

at the canteen, coz erika sob so uncontrollably earlier, other parents recognize me instantly and inquire about her! really cause a scene la..my girl.

then erika asked me “after eating, can I go back now”, “how many more minutes to go?” i told her another “180 minutes”hahahhahaha…wahhh she pengsan!

then took her to her school loo….she kept complaining “sooooo dirty, sooooo dirty”. actually, i was surprise that the loo was pretty clean and odorless but not up to standard for this lil’ spoilt princess.

of cos when i pick her up when school was over, it was all smiles…hopefully 2nd day of school will be much better.

overall, it was an exhausting day for mommy...dunno about erika though...mommy had to sleep at 9 p.m. just to recuperate from 1st day of school.

(** pictures to put up later **)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

happy 2008

a new year....a new beginning...especially for my girls

both starting a new chapter...one going to primary 1, the other starting kindy

both chanting the same song..."i dun wanna go to schooooool"

after such a long hols and staying home with them, elli has become the clingy baby

every day she will say..."mommiiii dun go to work...stay at home with meeee"

happpiiii new year....hope the girls change their minds about school soon.