Thursday, January 22, 2009

happy mooo year

1st happy moo moo year to all!

since i am also a moo moo this year...must celebrate with more gustoo!

about my last post, all those mommies asking if my girl ever get sick from the (acid??) rain...

answer is no la...coz she's as strong as a bull! (pun intended)

and weighs like one too, even though she dun get to eat a lot...she has been getting more curious and the temptations is really getting to her. she kept saying "why can't i eat all the nice food?" (solly, really solly dunno what happen during the gene pool mixed up, ended up with you having all the skin allergies)

does having "o" blood group makes it worse? she's the only one with "o" the other 2 are "b" for "best" i guess. the allergies are driving us nuts! hopefully outgrow it before she turns 4.

got a great sale to share, saw it on the net...and i am eyeing a strikingly beautiful red digital camera from the sale. it would definitely be great for capturing picture of the girls for my scrapping project.

plan to take loads of pic and grab the photobook promo - buy 1 get 1 free u go grab one too k!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

rain dance

when i was a kid, popo said "no playing in the rain...or else you get sick" so we avoided the rain like the plague.

but now, when the rain comes (no thunder la)....po po happily lets the "grand" kiddies run wild...dancing in the rain (double standards wan!! kakakkaa)

see elli..."swiiimiiing on the deck" not sure if this is the right way to teach her how to swim?

anyway this is one good way to ensure the kiddies bathe after dancing in the rain. some days it's really hard to throw them into the kudos showers...those dirty buffaloooos.

they should be happy - "more water play time" in our ideal standard bathrooms complete with the nicest bathroom accessories.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


trying to do some "spring" cleaning but with the girls around, it can get very distracting.

as i was clearing the drawers, elli came and see if there are any treasures to be found amongst the junk. she eyed this object and kept saying why have i been hiding it from her all this while...she insisted that i give her the special chunky "jewelry".

and being such a sweet generous mommy...i offered her daddy's best gift that has been stashed in the drawer for months.

see the treasure she saw which we all overlooked!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

1st day in kindy

last nite made a pack with elli...if she dun be cranky in the morning for this whole week - she will be rewarded with slurrpee...yes...our new bribery weapon.

so this morning, she tried her best to control herself...not too bad...(cross fingers - got another 4 days before reward day)

off she went...happy & excited.

came home...asked her how her day went....

she said this

teacher gave me a sticket and then one girl in school keep asking to see the sticker. keep disturbing me say "i wanna see, i waaannnaaa see", so i scold her

she ask me "are you very big ah?"

i said "YESSS!"

she said "you bigger than jesus?"

i said "no but i am just big than you!"

Thursday, January 08, 2009

latest crazzee

i was soooo exhilarated when erika told me she lurve to do this...who wouldn't?

she would beg (on her knees, if i asked her too) to get her hands on one of them and start slogging away on the crazy "board". whenever she eye us opening up the "board", she will be the first to jump and grab it.

this is basically what she has been pestering non-stop to me and popo and the maid the whole holiday to let her do.

and if we stop her, tears will come streaming down her black black face! (what a spoilt brat!! kakakaka)

caught her on camera - doing her latest craze. look at her shocked face.
the pile high of clothes is like a "dream come true" to her! the more crumpled the better...

she love to sweat it out and slave over this!! look at my baby in full concentration, with such "speed"!! if i ever wanna migrate...i have my very own laudry-darling with me...(wei laundryamah...give u a run for your $$)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

things i did for the looong hols

some snapshots of the fun we had during the hols....this is the only hols where we did not go anywhere...yup not even to a nice kay-el hotel for a short one-niter...dunno what our mom & dad have been doing?? but kong kong & po po went to thailand twice and mom went to india (came back right on the day of the bombing) and dad went to vietnam....where did we go??...noooooo where!!!

how did we entertain ourselves...we played beauty princess...look at me...pose here & there with my crown and earrings.

after playing with girls for too long....we go catch kong kong as our latest "model" for "beautification" process....see preettiii or not??

i was harping on mom to make a grass skirt for me for the longessst time...finally she did it with loads & loads of old ribbons!

dancing the hoooo-laaa...on the stairs....see me move! look at my hands...

had my school concert...i lurrve the crowd...the more they cheer, the more excited i was and the more i waved and waved...and they cheered even more...i wish i was on the stage all my life!!

sean the little mousekin and i am the preetiest pinkiest flower girl! mommy love my costume but wish it was a little bigger so that i could wear it for a while longer...nevermind then baby can wear it soon...coz she's already starting to wear a lot of my "pass-me-down" clothes.
posing for pictures after the finale...with me is my cousin who did the "arabian dance" (very serious face...dun smile for camera)
baby is still as chubby (8 months old on 28 dec)...her latest learned skill is standing up all by herself...she should be taking her 1st step anytime soon...look at her cutest smile...but she is one screaaaaameeer when she dun get her way.

helllooooo baby in the tiger stripe diaper...sealer brand...not bad, got it cheap from a credit card have a whole cupboard of diapers that will last another 8 months (i hope!!)

baby waiting for her food....for food i will stop screeamiiing or whiiineeeeiiing...hurry please! i need to maintain my beautiiful figure.

baby sits like a lil japanese doll...

mommy must have been tired and daddy was in "charged" of 3 girls....the result of which is this photo that daddy took before he cleaned up the "damaged" to mom's lipstick! me trying my very best to look "GOOD".

what do you think of my make-up skill? wanna be my model?