Tuesday, January 13, 2009


trying to do some "spring" cleaning but with the girls around, it can get very distracting.

as i was clearing the drawers, elli came and see if there are any treasures to be found amongst the junk. she eyed this object and kept saying why have i been hiding it from her all this while...she insisted that i give her the special chunky "jewelry".

and being such a sweet generous mommy...i offered her daddy's best gift that has been stashed in the drawer for months.

see the treasure she saw which we all overlooked!!


NomadicMom said...

Waa...very easy to please lah.
Next time, the boyfriend/husband very lucky.
Can buy thousands of these to make her happy.

Sabrina said...

Wah..That's bigger than my ring.I want that too.hahaha

laundryamah said...

wakakakakaka..next time shw will ask 4 the real thing lor..