Wednesday, January 07, 2009

things i did for the looong hols

some snapshots of the fun we had during the hols....this is the only hols where we did not go anywhere...yup not even to a nice kay-el hotel for a short one-niter...dunno what our mom & dad have been doing?? but kong kong & po po went to thailand twice and mom went to india (came back right on the day of the bombing) and dad went to vietnam....where did we go??...noooooo where!!!

how did we entertain ourselves...we played beauty princess...look at me...pose here & there with my crown and earrings.

after playing with girls for too long....we go catch kong kong as our latest "model" for "beautification" process....see preettiii or not??

i was harping on mom to make a grass skirt for me for the longessst time...finally she did it with loads & loads of old ribbons!

dancing the hoooo-laaa...on the stairs....see me move! look at my hands...

had my school concert...i lurrve the crowd...the more they cheer, the more excited i was and the more i waved and waved...and they cheered even more...i wish i was on the stage all my life!!

sean the little mousekin and i am the preetiest pinkiest flower girl! mommy love my costume but wish it was a little bigger so that i could wear it for a while longer...nevermind then baby can wear it soon...coz she's already starting to wear a lot of my "pass-me-down" clothes.
posing for pictures after the finale...with me is my cousin who did the "arabian dance" (very serious face...dun smile for camera)
baby is still as chubby (8 months old on 28 dec)...her latest learned skill is standing up all by herself...she should be taking her 1st step anytime soon...look at her cutest smile...but she is one screaaaaameeer when she dun get her way.

helllooooo baby in the tiger stripe diaper...sealer brand...not bad, got it cheap from a credit card have a whole cupboard of diapers that will last another 8 months (i hope!!)

baby waiting for her food....for food i will stop screeamiiing or whiiineeeeiiing...hurry please! i need to maintain my beautiiful figure.

baby sits like a lil japanese doll...

mommy must have been tired and daddy was in "charged" of 3 girls....the result of which is this photo that daddy took before he cleaned up the "damaged" to mom's lipstick! me trying my very best to look "GOOD".

what do you think of my make-up skill? wanna be my model?


mommy to chumsy said... glad to see your post after such a long break :D Eliisa sure had a lot of fun :D She's so pretty. Evira is so chubby and cute!!

wen said...

poor kong kong. kena be a model.hehe..

2ma said...

its so fun to have girls...thr is so much to do!!

ryeli said...

welcome back! your babies have grown! elli looks really matured now. looking forward to seeing more pics.

NomadicMom said...

Does kong-kong know that his PRETTY PICTURE is on your blog???

NomadicMom said...

Does kong-kong know that his PRETTY PICTURE is on your blog???

jazzmint said... all the photos..