Thursday, January 08, 2009

latest crazzee

i was soooo exhilarated when erika told me she lurve to do this...who wouldn't?

she would beg (on her knees, if i asked her too) to get her hands on one of them and start slogging away on the crazy "board". whenever she eye us opening up the "board", she will be the first to jump and grab it.

this is basically what she has been pestering non-stop to me and popo and the maid the whole holiday to let her do.

and if we stop her, tears will come streaming down her black black face! (what a spoilt brat!! kakakaka)

caught her on camera - doing her latest craze. look at her shocked face.
the pile high of clothes is like a "dream come true" to her! the more crumpled the better...

she love to sweat it out and slave over this!! look at my baby in full concentration, with such "speed"!! if i ever wanna migrate...i have my very own laudry-darling with me...(wei laundryamah...give u a run for your $$)


2ma said... sweet of erika!! lucky u! *hehe*

Adrine said...

I was wondering what was the "canggih" board. Would never have imagined an ironing board. hah hahhh!!!!

NomadicMom said...

So funny!!!!!
Eh...maybe I should borrow her next time when i have no maid. Hhahahaha

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wuah, your girl is really good eh, can iron so well and she actually likes ironing?? Your baby is so beautiful... and she's big! My baby will be a dwarf if she sits next to your baby lol!

laundryamah said... only play play..later really need her to do the work...sure fong fei kei one...

BabyBooned said...

priceless! ure one lucky mom!