Monday, January 12, 2009

1st day in kindy

last nite made a pack with elli...if she dun be cranky in the morning for this whole week - she will be rewarded with slurrpee...yes...our new bribery weapon.

so this morning, she tried her best to control herself...not too bad...(cross fingers - got another 4 days before reward day)

off she went...happy & excited.

came home...asked her how her day went....

she said this

teacher gave me a sticket and then one girl in school keep asking to see the sticker. keep disturbing me say "i wanna see, i waaannnaaa see", so i scold her

she ask me "are you very big ah?"

i said "YESSS!"

she said "you bigger than jesus?"

i said "no but i am just big than you!"


Sasha said...

hehehe she's one very smart girl!

jazzmint said...

bigger than jesus LOL..she's so funny