Wednesday, February 28, 2007

mirror mirror on the wall

lately, erika loves to go to my closet and stand in front of the long mirror, then she will start talking, acting out, dancing, singing to her own reflection.

some more, it’s a very private session for her. she will kick me out from the closet as she doesn’t like me to pry or see her when she talks to her “fren” in the mirror!

i would have thot that since she have so many lil' frens to play with (everyday at school and at home)...she would not have to talk to her ownself...and even when her lil cousins go back, she has ellisa. i dun think she is influence by snow white coz i never heard her ask the legendary question… “who is the fairest of them all??”

maybe the world beyond the mirror brings so much fascination to her, or an escape from her life of "schoolwork"...maybe there really is a magical world behind that mirror.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

red red new year

posing for the chinese new year...this was taken on new year eve...before going to ma ma house for big makan.

new year day at ku ma's house...erika holding a red bag ~ prezzie from ma ma

leaving ku ma's house and off to visit more uncles and aunties...hung hung pao na lai!
day 2 of chinese new year...posing for mommy at our porch.

ellisa exhausted from the visitations...asked erika for a massage....wah so shiok! tan jiu che che...some more some more...peez

Friday, February 16, 2007

photos for previous posts

ellisa "sok yau" hug hug kiss kiss baby zach. baby zach squashed with luuurrve!

the gang that went to genting....

the girls sharing a stroller...ellisa before the hair-cut

ellisa after the hair-cut...daddy call her "ah chan". i think she looks so much brigter and her face seems bigger now with less frindge...hehehe

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


today ellisa woke up real early 6:30 am...cry for milk...went down to the kitchen 6:45...kakak still sleeping (???#&*) i made milk for her...then kakak woke up la hearing ellisa's cry in the kitchen...gave me the "guilty look" again!! i dun even bother to look at her face....then after ellisa drank her milk...mommy itchy fingers went to cut/chop/crop her fringe...cut cut cut...alamak so short..die die die...(will show pics later)...try to make it look nicer by putting on clips and hairband...wat to do...pray hair grow fast fast in the next 4 days.

daddy already sick...then saw ellisa's new hair cut almost got heart attack...bad mood early early morning...he say my valentine present really teruk la!

then i go as usual la...then my onli male colleague say ...

c: "today valentine's day ...what is your hubby doing?"
me: (no mood to talk to him) "nothing, we dun celebrate la"
c: "why dun we have lunch?" " i take you out for lunch"
me: (whaaat???) "no need la, it's okay"

aiyeeeear...dun wan to go makan with him...especially today he is the sugar daddii and what is me leh????

Monday, February 12, 2007

weekend report

melissa ku ma and uncle joey is back with baby zach and josh, so the weekend is packed with activities to entertain them…

saturday early early morning packed the girls’ bag and milk and food stuff…get the girls ready for jern wei’s 9th b’day at starship galactica at 10am…11:45am rushed off to pick up 2 ku mahs, mah mah, baby josh, then off to pick up jon and sammi…a full load in the car to have buffet at sunway hotel. quite disappointed with the spread and the service…see la…we’re so spoilt.

after lunch…drove up to genting…tried to sleep in the car…but the girls were fighting over who gets to sleep on mommy’s arm... then “all 3 girls” super grouchy and sleepy…make me so irritated…but got so many in-laws around…jia latt…or else surely scream at them ledi!

reached genting…check-in the hotel which looked almost like a Vegas hotel…washed-up…then took erika to the earsplitting arcade area…instantly got a headache from the deafening machines! the noise didn’t seem to affect her or ellisa…while she drain us off with every swipe of the cash card! luckily only was there half an hour and it was 6:30 ledi…time for dinner as tai pak & pak leung got a date with uncle cliff richard at 8. since the rest of us didn’t get tickets to watch uncle cliff…we got tickets to watch a magic/acrobatic production….the children were so impressed!! erika was in awe until her jaw dropped with all the magic and acrobatic stunts…even ellisa could follow and watch the whole show. after show…exhausted…slept till the girls woke me up at 8 am…

ellisa loves play with baby zach (9 months), she adores him, hug him, squeeze him, wanna carry him...until baby zach pull her hair until she waaaawaaaa, still she love to play with him...her new toy.

sunday…packed up, go back to KL…ate buffet again….this time at marco polo for tim sum…then quickly rush out of there as was informed the will be road closure at 3pm (tour de langkawi wor)…so we squeezed out of there just in the nick of time…then spent the rest of the day at yeh yeh’s…then makan big feast “reunion” dinner coz melissa ku ma will be leaving before cny!

after sending everyone home…back home at 11…so tired…aiyoo still gotta go work today….body ache from carrying ellisa all the time…or else waawaaaaawaaaa…then in-laws think i didn’t feed her la…i dunno how to take care of her la…so cold also i wash her up la (wei she pang sai wor…then how!!) …grrrrrr….

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Z-list : Just do it & pass on :)

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anyway just kwai kwai and do loh...nothing to lose from it kua...

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fatt choy, kong hei fatt choy

everyone wants to fatt fatt fatt for the new year...but just found out that fatt choy is bad for you...alamak gotta eat other food to fatt this's the article below

hopefully the small serving we ate over the no harm lah!! better go makan a banana lor...safer & more nutritous.

HK group calls for total ban on fa cai - Jan 31, 2007 The Straits Times

HONG KONG - A GROUP of Hong Kong researchers has called for a total ban on the sale of fa cai - a hair-like sea moss that is widely consumed during Chinese New Year.

The team from the Chinese University's department of biochemistry said international research showed that the plant - known as Nostoc or black moss in English - not only has no nutritional value but has also been found to contain a toxic amino acid that could affect the normal functions of nerve cells.

Eating black moss could lead to degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia.Eating black moss could lead to degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia, Professor Chan King Ming of the team told the media on Monday, the Standard newspaper reported.

China banned all exports of black moss in 2000 after listing it as an endangered species.
But Hong Kong has yet to ban the sale of black moss, keeping alive a demand that has encouraged cultivation of the plant in the mainland, Prof Chan said.

Black moss is widely eaten in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year, mainly because its Chinese name, fa cai, is homonymous with 'prosperity' in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

nite nite ritual

daily nite rituals for the girls are pack them up to the room by 8 coz it takes a long time for them to unwind.

once in the room, erika plays her "ello" creation set or her pretend make-up table or princess or teacher!!...very girlie things. ellisa will try to "play" with cheh cheh and that gets cheh cheh in an angry fits because she seem to destroy, disrupt or mess-up everything that cheh cheh has set up to do…as usual erika will be complaining to me then scolding her sis until ellisa cries.

the cries from ellisa are mostly croc tears…just like her pinky croc shoes that we bought from bangkok.

as usual, nag erika to wash up and change to her pj’s…nowadays gotta nag her a lot …sigh!

i know this is bad habit…..but we eat a lot in the room too…nando’s chicken (dad’s fave.), fruits with salt (erika’s fave.), junk food, noodles…hungry la coz our dinners are around 5ish to 6ish every evening…also greedy too.

since we have put in a platform in the room…the girls just love to run round the bed and play sleeping time…see picture sooo red…just right for Chinese new year. the patchwork blankie made by great grandma.

also the purpose of doing the platform is to cajole erika into sleeping on her own bed…well, I would say its not a 100% success story, even though she loves her new bed and sleeps there every nite, she still climbs back into our 8 feet bed most nite around 6 or 7ish in the morning…she knows she can’t just jump up…so when she’s awake…she will call out to daddy (she knows she can “manipulate” daddy ~ the softie). she don’t even need to open her mouth and ask, can i come on your bed?…she got a better trick up her sleeve! this is the how she used her manipulative skills…

erika: (very helpless voice) daddy…..da…diiiiiiiiii

daddy: (pretend didn’t hear her)

erika: daddiiiiiii daaaadiiiiiiii, I am scared….daddiiiii

daddy: (still pretend to sleep)

erika: daddiiiiiii, i am scared….daddiiiii i am scared

daddy: (no choice la) come here erika

erika jumps right on the bed and sleep next to daddy…

wishing all of you happiee happiee kong zi fa chai!

Monday, February 05, 2007

major maid complain session

as you know, we just got the new kakak for 1 month and i have heard so much complaints from po po, kong kong..and even daddy, who never bothers about the maid before, also cannot tahan this new kakak!

po po calls her the vacumm cleaner...not that she cleans out the house well, but she cleans out the whole fridge of food with non-stop binging, until we had to put a stop to it…imagine telling her…u cannot eat all the cheese, fruits like apple, pears, oranges, avocados…even biscuits…all wallup…my cupboards are like “old mother hubbards”...all instant nooooooodles gone in a blink of an eye.

when she is alone in the house, she switch on the air-con…nevermind!!…then she switch on the tv and happily sits and watch until we get home!! maybe happily munching on my new year biscuits and fruits!

then we told her to switch on the house lights at nite, also the light on the porch if we are back late…when we got back…the house was pitch black! fuming mad…thot what happen…asked her…she say she “testing only”…what testing…u know why she doesn’t on the lights…so that she can see us coming in and have enough time to off the tv!!!

so after watching so much tv…she can’t wake up in the morning…i bet she wakes up later then all of u mommies…told her to wake up at 6:30am…not torturing her at all…but when i went down at 8am…still not awake…8:30am…cannot tahan…fuming!!

another frustration is teaching her to make milk for ellisa…after a few weeks, she still is not able to follow simple instructions like 6 oz water….3 scoops of milk…we never change the formula…but no matter how she makes it…the milk level only reach 5oz…how lah!! really ah…can’t even let her do one simple task!!

haven’t even talk about her house work skill…already i vomit blood…can’t wait for her to finish her year term…if she don’t improve…surely kick her out then…she is as psycho as they comes…and when she talks i dun understand her…she talks like a spoilt brat! dunno why she is working as a maid…and she talks soooo loud with the other maid…

fave. answer from her…”saya tak tau buat”….when she sees me cleaning up the window or putting back the mozzie nets (which is chuck in one corner for weeks)…i do it coz if i explain and tell her, i get more mad and waste my energy.

if i start talking to her for longer than 5 min…i just end up talking louder and angrier, even though i haven't reached the stage of screaming like a mad woman, i fear even that scenario is not far off…and if I start talking about her anymore also…i will go gila!