Thursday, September 21, 2006

playing school

pretend play is one of erika's most favourite game...she will pretend to be a mommy, a teacher, a princess and even as a daddy on i will play along with her and when i do, she always wants to be teacher...coz she love the power of "telling" or "commanding" me to do her will!

some of the conversation in the play goes like this:

scene 1
e: good morning children
me: good morning aunty xx
e: children..(louder) children...listen to we are doing spelling test (evil laugh)...hahahah
me: ok
e: open your book....spell "spin"
me: s...p...i...n (pretend writing onto book)
and erika continue drilling and bombarding me with words!

scene 2
e: ok children story i have a nice story book...look at the cover...very nice and colourful pictures right?
me: (looking at the tv show and half-heartedly answer) yes teacher
e: (shout at me) look here (point finger to her book)...(then she point her finger at the door) did i ask you to look there?
me: no
e: (point her finger at the tv and stern voice) did i ask you to look there?
me: (meekly answer) no (OMG!!...this is sooo teruk her teachers like this or am i getting a teacher from hell??)
e: look here...hands on your quiet...are you ready children? i won't start if you are not ready
me: (sit crossed leg, hands on lap)
e: (look at me...happy...then she start) i will read the whole story and when i finish then only you can ask me questions...understand? put up your hands when you have any questions. (looking at you in the eye) only after i finish
me: okaaay (got the message!)
e: (starts telling the story...and pointing to pictures like a professional...)

scene 3 ~ imaginery play with imaginery students (mommy tired of being harrased by a power-crazy screaming teacher)
e: (both hands on the waist) children...i am so dissapointed with you...didn't i tell you that u cannot blah blah ...i am soooo dissapointed...

scene 4
e: give me the one got no ink...cannot write.
me: no erika...i need to use it
e: i am the are supposed to be scared of me..mumm...
me: are you scared of your teacher?
e: yes la
me: no la...i see you talk to them a lot and you speak so loudly some more (hahah)
e: NOOOO.....nautiiiiiii mommy....don't laugh at promised
me: i promised what?
e: not to laugh at people (sulked)
me: ok...sorry darling


laundryamah said...

hahahaha,,,so funny la but i notice most girls are liddat..

mom2ashley said...

LOL! so cute la!

jazzmint said...

keke so cute...she's a very strict teacher hoh

Anonymous said...

wat a lovely girl u have