Monday, September 18, 2006


i hardly cook...even if i do it's simple all-in-one meals like macaroni & cheese (from the box), or cabonara spaghetti or mashed potatoes...these are erika's fave. food. so on weekends, we usually go out and eat...we love japanese food. another reason for going out to eat during weekends is we have mom's home-cooked dinners on weekdays.

so last saturday, after daddy is back from s'pore, he took us out for pizza at the curve...then we browse a bit as i was hoping to get a few pair of pants for erika, she is required to wear pants for park play in school and since she is so fussy on her pants, we only have 1 nice pair and she needs to wear pants on tues, thurs and fri...

went into one shop...not much selection so i told erika

me:...lets go, not very nice here (daddy was quite tired, wanted to go back and rest)

erika: i like the shirt here

me: not nicela...we are here to buy pants...not much choices also...we go another place tomorrow ok?

erika: why you bring me here and then not buy waste my time only!!

me: i waste your time?

erika: ya la...(drag herself out of the shop...continue grumbling and complaining i waste her time!!)

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laundryamah said...

hahahaha..waste her funny..