Wednesday, September 13, 2006

yiiindiian food

since working in this area for more than 10 years (aiyoo so looong lioa!...ok i am still young...started working vely vely young mah..hehehe) stomach has been so accustomed to the food here that if i were away for a short working/holiday trip...i will miss the yummy hot yindian food. well, when i first worked here, i really had not much choices, as there are like 10 yindian stalls to one cina...and the cina stall gotta walk quite far some i learn to appreciate this cuisine.

there are not that many indian area in i shall not blab where it is...if u know KL...sure vely easy to guess...KL such a small city.

now i can wallap "tairu", "payasam", "rasam" without a blink of an eye...i remembered during my secondary school, i visited an indian fren's house for lunch and they served "tairu"...i really cannot makan....pui pui different story loh! i had so much especially during my pregnancy with ellisa as it was suppose to be nuetralised the acid in me...had some problem with accidity in my system...pregnancy does that to you.

anyway...i also visited india...must try the "oregener" food from the origin country mah...wah it was good la...of cos i only went to it was less spicy...i had lots of paneer and lassi...lucky me not lactose intolerant.

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