Wednesday, September 20, 2006


well it's not actually payday yet...but since i am the one-leg-kick here...only 2 staff in my and the other person i report i get to do everything (lucky me or wat??) even licking the stamps, ordering water to more glamourous work like events manager (the good part is get to travel a bit la...and to countries that are not in my-to-go list! sad~so you can imagine the "exotic" places i visit!), project work (research? more like search the net like crazzzy, copy, paste and edit ...hahhaha), public relations (chit-chatting and rub shoulders with the partners of big firms, too bad when they are in this position, already old lioa...not much oogling work here!) to the mundane - editorial (copy and paste work again la) and accounting (1+1 = 3 synergy mah!).

the good part is i get to write my own cheques every month...unfortunately...i can't add more numbers...or else kena gantung kerja...or today is the day i wrote my cheques...this month i have to do the cheques early (not complaining at all) as the office will be close for the whole of next week....all the staff (wah like so terror-menearor- actually just 2 only) will be in having meetings in no blogging until october 2nd.


Egghead said...

remember to write one with my name on it... don't write any numbers also nvm one... LOL!

小小彬Bing said...
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日月神教-向左使 said...
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