Friday, September 22, 2006

chit chat

ellisa & erika has an "illegitimate" god-mama and for some reason i can't chat with her online due to her office no-online chatting policy...of cos there are other options available...they can't really stop us from chatting...can they?

her company has blocked all access to social web networks and online chat rooms, armed with heavy-duty office policies, manuals, hardware and software programs to cut out from this "interactive" activity...or stern disciplinary action will be taken ?? scared or not???? msn, yahoo, icq, etc...all xxx-listed or x-ted!

however, due to some strange circumstances, she is allowed to continue chatting on the phone...and mind you...they are well informed that all conversation is recorded...i wonder who is sooo free this days to sit down & shake legs and just listen to our yakity-yak...of cos illegitimate god-mama will take the opportunity to happily obliged and entertain the eavesdropper with all the juicy gossips and profanities...just to make their day!

i guess the moral of the story is ~ use your mouth not your fingers to do the talking. in fact fingering is considered obscene and rude! hahahaha!

wonder what they say about sign language then?


immomsdaughter said...

Hello there. Weird company, seems like no freedom one :(

mommy of two angels said...

immomsdaughter - actually i know of a few companies that does that...ya lor communist what!

Anonymous said...

My ex-company is also like that. But I don't think all the phones are recorded, and if so, who has the time to listen to all the calls?

Anonymous said...

Can surf websites or not? Ask her to try to log on to hahaha combination of icq,msn,yahoo and another one (forgot). I used it last time when my company blocked msn.