Tuesday, September 12, 2006

play things

we try our best to make this tradition of meeting at least once a week for dinner at yeh yeh's house...yeh yeh looks forward to this day as he will prepare lots of goodies for the grandchildren...clothes, sweets, bubble gums, toys, ballons...yes...if u haven't noticed...he does go overboard in indulging the grandchildren. of cos he also plan a yummy feast for us.

last sunday, he gave ellisa a little talking singing baby...ellisa must be thinking this baby quite fun can sing and move but after a while boring also la...i think i am more interested in the empty box...more interesting to play as it is more colourful, have some clear plastic wrapping which makes noises when i step on it, and i can put things inside and still see it...hmmm...maybe i can go into the box too!

as usual, going home time, we cart those toys home and store them in moving pods.

ellisa vocab is continuously growing...and if she don't want something...she says "tak maau"...wah! bahasa also can. and she mimics everyone's conversation as she hears them...one of the most special thing she does is give loud, sweet kisses to everyone she knows and she also says "tan gue" when she receives something...as most of the time i do not understand her, i take it that she's speaking in tongues.


mom2ashley said...

wah she can say tak mau also huh? ashley doesnt know any malay words for now...

mommy of two angels said...

ellisa cantonese word...'emmmm moi" also can la...hahhaa

she is very good at saying NO!

laundryamah said...

waliau clever girl! my girl still no vocab la! so sad..so sad..