Thursday, September 07, 2006

cold calls

yesterday, i received a caller soliciting business. that's fine la...but this caller started the call with

c: hello...can i speak to your boss?
me: (weii...who u think u are huh?) he's not in.
c: what's his name?
me: (crazy or what?) excuse me, what company are you calling from? what is this regarding?
c: my company is xxx...what is your boss name? i want to speak to him. i want to sell him
me: (chi zin! why do i bother with this bozo)

i have received many cold business calls but this is the worst...i think for sure this guy cannot "fatt tat" la...make one simple call also all scewed up! how la..dunno how to "bodek" the gatekeepers, how will they expect to reach the top man!! u can bet till your shiny last sen he won't be able to get anywhere near to kiss the boss's ass!


jazzmint said...

hehe at least it's call for biz, I've got calls tat say he knows me and wanna date me..SIAO!!

BTW, my kids name, one is Faythe (faith) and the other is Vyktore (victor). Spelling different hehe..thx to my creative hubby :(.

mommy of two angels said...

hahah..ya lor lucky not ham sap one...just plain dungu call

oic now i know how to call ur children's name...real tongue twister spelling for me...but i like it!