Thursday, December 28, 2006

eye see trouble

oh no! kong kong had an eye accident. he was happily cutting down my sandbox tree when suddenly a tiny splinter went into his eye! aiyoo! all inflamed and red…popo took his to see a gp…lousy one..which caused him even more pain when he used the prescibed eye drops….

daddy went home early then took kong kong to see an eye specialist…long queue told the nurse "emergency"…even then still gotta wait 45 mins…the specialist dropped a few eye drops and kong kong said he is as good as new…since he was suppose to travel yesterday for his short holiday with popo…he was so excited that he can go as planned…but but then….after 2 hours…he felt the discomfort again!! dreads…no choice but to cancel holiday plan…wat a bummmer!

when i saw kong kong, both his eyes were soooooo swollen it really looked so serious…i really felt so bad…some more my tree, spoilt his trip, his pigging-out & drinking sessions & massage sessions, his pain...arrrggghhh!

so this morning we thought the nurse must have gave us the wrong medicine…since the eye drops that the doc used worked like magic and the eye drops we used at home does not…po po called and asked to checked if we got the right medication or could we get the magic potion?

found out the magic potion was in fact anesthetic no wonder la…kong kong instantly felt better…all numb and sedated…well at least for a while.

just called him to check if he is better, kong kong eyes is still red but he is in no pain and is happily watching tv at his own home in peace…away from the 5 grandchildren. thank god!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

pajama party

well its not really a pajama party...since its only erika and synn yi...but more of a sleepover party.

synn yi has spent 2 nites over with us...all 5 of us squeezed into 1 room (one queen and 2 single mattresses)...and erika is still badgering her to perpetually sleepover in our room and become her “permanent” room mate!

the trouble with putting 2 little girls together is the yakity yakity yakity yak yak yak...non-stop...even after cajoling and threats…these girls have no fear of authority…they yak yak yak…then daddy will growl at them…quiet for a little while…then they will start whispering, then they get bolder and louder so is their giggles…then daddy starts to growl again…and the cycle went on and on until way past midnite!

of cos i gotta try to put a stop to this idea…so i told yee ma that in order for synn yi to sleep over…negotiate with erika to sleepover at her house first ~ so its fair trade!

actually its mommy’s “evil scheme” of putting a stop to the sleepover as erika has never been successful in sleeping over at anyone’s place before…there were many attempts but usually at the stroke of midnite, the little princess will cry and moan for mommy and wants to be chauffeured home! just like a cinderella story.

however, erika was persistent that she will be able to sleep over this time…we happily let her go telling her that even if we receive calls from her…we will only get her in the morning and yee ma…once asleep cannot wake up to drive her home…as yee ma is the sleeping beauty!

before leaving she told us that we cannot abandon her or disown her for sleeping over…she said… “i don’t want to call you uncle or auntie when I came back tomorrow ok? i still wanna call you mommy daddy ah…I don’t want to call yee ma as mommy”. i laughed when i hear her said this.

erika ran upstairs got her pajamas…her bottle & her milk powder & milo…and gleefully follow yee ma home….to our surprise the phone did not ring once and she came home the next morning…smiling from ear to ear! she finally is able to sleep without mommy!

another milestone in her life.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

new year is around the corner

wow...time flies...another year is passing a few more days & another loooong holiday awaits…yahoooo! my babies are growing up so fast...from tiny dependable becoming independent determined little bosses!

just yesterday...erika was requesting me to scratch her back (exact same way as the daddy)..."mommy please scratch my back...put your hand under my shirt...left a bit...left...left...down a higher...ya...there...can you scratch my shoulders now...ah...more to the right please...right...right...move down...down...ah..."

po po and kong kong is going away for a short vacation this coming thurs till next will have to call ma ma to fill in the babysitting for thurs and i will take leave on friday to play with them.

dunno where they went? maybe hideaway to Vegas vacations...who knows?

plan to do some hand and feet printing with the girls on friday morning...and then let them paint the bathroom till they are covered with water colours themselves...then bathe them while they play with the bath toys...guess that will take the whole morning...will try to make the water colours myself!

the only struggle i have with the 2 lil' girls now is feeding time...they don't seem to like to eat what i feed them...even if i make the most yummy porridge or noodles or rice or spaghetti…they will entertain a few bites and then leave the rest…only po po has the magic of making them finish their meals…so when it comes to my turn of taking care of their foody needs (especially during weekends), the girls just survive on milk and fresh air! po po always says they are slimmer on a monday…after mommy’s great weekend nurture! hopefully i will be more succesful with the new year!

happy holidays…another long weekend to snoozzze, pig out and lazzze…happy 2007 to everyone!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

christmas postcard

dunno what to give to the i dress up the 2 angels today and took photo of them in front of our christmas tree...then played with the picture editor ...voila! made photo postcards and printed them with kodak...phew! just in time to wrap them for tomolo!

one down, now gotta start cracking my head for Christmas invitations!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

hug me ma ma

this is a typical every day event with the 2 angels, especially during bed time in the room.

erika: mummy hug me pleasssss, i am tired (meaning she wants to sleep and enjoy her thumb)

of cos i will go hug erika when she says that. in the room, ellisa is usually busy using up all her energy ~ opening and closing the cupboards, storage chest or wardrobe, climbing into them, playing the remote controls but once she sees her che-che in my arms, she will get all worked up, crocodile tears welling up, whimpering and says…

ellisa: hug me ma ma...hug me ma ma (rolling on the bed with arms stretch out for better effect)

what can i do when a little baby says that to you…of cos i will stretch out my other arm to hold ellisa.

but are the 2 girls satisfied with this arrangement?

of cos not…there will both be kicking up a fuss, pushing and shoving each other for more of mommy, trying hard to expand and protect their mommy-space…since ellisa being younger…sharing is not an option, she will start her croc tears and throw a tantrum (noizzzy situation)…scolding che-che “nautiiii”….in the end…she wins and mommy will be hugging her…daddy says mommy is bias! (maybe daddy is bias towards erika too)

erika: not fair, you always hug ellisa, you only love her, you don’t love me, always always hug ellisa

of cos i try to explain the situation to erika...

ellisa showing her sis her “winning” smile! satisfied…she will climb out of my arms and do her usual exploration of the room...she's there just to get a piece of the action.

then i will quickly go and hug erika, she's happy and by nature is very huggy, just like a koala bear, when she was a baby & toddler, once you hug her, she will be so comfortable she will stick to you like glue, so easy! of cos the downside or upside is that you will have very tone arms(?) and an aching back…since my babies are huge!

2 sisters sooo unlike each other! and who was the one who told me that no. 2 will be easier?

merry christmas to all

Monday, December 18, 2006

name calling

"what's in a name? that which we call a rose

by any other word would smell as sweet."
--from romeo and juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

ellisa has lots of names…that’s because everyone seem to adjust her name and call her as they wish….here’s are some examples:

yeh yeh calls her “e” as in a, b, c, d, “e” – “e” lee-sar

po po calles her – “air-lee” or “destroyer” as she is the only one out of the 5 children that is breaking the toys after these toys were passed down from the 4 pairs of hands!

daddy calls – “lisa” or “monster” since he can’t seem to tame her!

synn yi (her 4 year old cousin) calls her – “bo bo” ...i dunno where she came up with this one? sounds like a dog’s name?

mommy calls – "ellisa" or sometimes "wei zi" (meaning wise and stunning!! good name right - i choose one) …don’t think she knows it’s her cina name.

erika on the other hand, after fighting with her over something…will call her “u nauti girl” …so ellisa has learn to start scolding anyone even mommy, if she don’t get her way…. “nautiii mommmiiee” “nautiii kaaa kaak” “nautiii chea chea” “nauutiii por por”…

daddy says that ellisa may be just plain confused.

Friday, December 15, 2006

daddy's little trip

daddy is away for a few days for work...took a 3 hrs flight to east the remote jungles...and to visit ‘his’ closely related relatives.....the orang-utans in sandakan.

***guess i will pack him 2 way radios, just in case***

daddy and his staff had to track into the jungle...sweating like pigs...before they were greeted with only 3 orang-utans...a real disappointment for all the hard walking! mommy told daddy that the zoo would have more orang-utans to greet them than the sanctuary! maybe they were a bunch of unattractive relatives that the orang-utans were trying to avoid!!

however when daddy told mommy that they had seafood for dinner and the oysters were bigger than his palm…wah…mommy’s imagination ran a bit wild loh…fresh oysters so huge…salivating, asked daddy to take photos…but i don’t think daddy at least no need to imagine so much mah!

other than that, daddy said there’s nothing to do and can’t wait to go home to see his angels…especially when he called and ellisa said this to him…haar looow daad di….aii urve yuuuu…..baiiii baiii”

no wonder he is catching the earliest flight home today.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

look who's talking

some talk with their eyes,
others with their hands....
but for erika...
she inherited the skill
of talking with her nose...
obviously this inherited skill
didn't come from me!
of cos her daddy la...
all the weird stuff comes from him la!
i wonder...
if ellisa also has this skill?

2 seconds of viewing time

11 seconds of viewing time

Monday, December 11, 2006

something that fell from the sky

after all these years, something dropped from the sky and landed onto our you can never guess what it is....

some thinks its a gift from heaven

some thinks its smells like hell

my very 1st durian from our garden...not very big...but very sexy curvy woh...well, not much to say as the tree only produced one and only one after years of hoping something would fall from it and it didn't, so kong kong started chopping and practically killing it...i guess the tree panicked and started flowering for the 1st time...i thot since kong kong already half killed it...the flowers wouldn't bear any fruit...but to our surprise one little durian was formed!

moral of the story - must threaten to get results!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

my lil office helper

boss away for 2 weeks holiday...great news for me leh...hahaha so i brought erika to "entertain" me! or me "entertain her today...oh well...also get her out of po-po's hair for one day. she luurve to go to mommy’s office coz there are so many fun stuff to do:

  • play stamping with the rubber stamp and stamp pad

  • drawing with highlighters (i don't have colour pencils) & all the coloured pens within her reach

  • drawing on the big white board with markers

  • playing with the cabinet's key ~ locking & unlocking

  • printing blank cheques with the checkwriter...wish those cheques were for the million billon zillion

  • playing stapler and cello-tape

  • folding and cutting paper into beautiful "snow flakes"

  • eating biscuit, fried chicken & char-siew that po-po packed and drinking her milk&milo

  • play with the water dispenser

  • talking to herself – playing pretend “manager” holding a pen and scribbling things on the paper and putting a stamp on the “documents”

  • playing kiddie games on my boss pc! sitting on the big chair! acting like a boss!

another fun part of going to the office includes...taking a ride on the bus and having lunch in town and taking the train home! and also mommy’s full attention, without ellisa as a distraction.

before coming to the office, she already made a request that she wants mommy to get her a new pair of shiny earrings in town, so will do that as promised…what more could a little girl want?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

erika's 1st visit to the cinema

yesterday yee-ma took erika, jern & synn-yi to watch "happy feet"...very terror loh...only her alone with the 3 children...dunno how she handled them...she said the trick is never give them a minute, actually not even second to be idle! or else they will start a fight and be at each other's throat.

one’s a bully, one’s an instigator and one’s a spoilt brat!

so in order to keep their hands and mouth busy…yee ma wanted to buy popcorns but dunno how the machine was spoilt…then she told me, an elderly couple had 3 bags (said they got it for free using coupons)…didn’t make sense to me why the elderly couple can have popcorns and my sis couldn’t buy them…anyway…seeing the bunch of kids…they generously gave 2 bags to them…bad formula…2 bags of popcorns for 3 kids…you can imagine the commotion of who gets to hold the bags, who ate more, not fair, not fair, my turn now, see you drop the popcorns, give it to me…

finally settled into their seats, since this is a first for erika, unlike her veteran cousins (7 years old & 4 years old)…she was only able to sit though to the middle of the show and then started to bug yee-ma to take her home…but luckily she was good enuff (listen to yee-ma) to sit through and finish the show.

i would have thought “happy feet” would be an ideal show for her to sit though…hmmm…maybe she prefers a movie with more action or hunky guys! hint..hint to daddy to take us to see 007! maybe after that…she will be hooked to the big screen!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

switch to beta version?

i dunno whether its me or the lack of sleep (the girls have really been practising for the late nights or up-all-nite party animals for the christmas & new year celebrations) mind a little zone out and wacky and i think i am hallucinating that blogger is harrassing me to switch to the beta version of the blogsite. at every turn of my computer screen, the beta version icons seems to pop out at me and scream click and change!hurry hurry hurry...don't miss the boat.

since i heard so much horror story on the unreliability and cranky platform...thot i won't do that until....i hear otherwise?

so should i switch? or stay at the same ol' platform?

baby bottles

when i was pregnant with ellisa, read that glass baby bottles were much better as plastic bottle may not be entirely safe...well research findings always try to scare why not try glass bottles for ellisa! even influenced laundryamah to get for kylie but dun think she used it for too long!! also gotta thank laundryamah for giving one evenflo glass bottle to ellisa..still using it!

yes...actually the glass bottles are not as fragile as we think! in fact...i only broke 2 after 16 months...that's quite a record as we (me, po-po, the maids, the kids & ellisa) handled the bottles everyday and sometimes accidents happened...still the bottle seem fine until recently...finally 'cracked up' from all the punishment.

since i plan to use the glass bottles for only a year maybe 2, so bought only 3 big glass bottles & 1 free gift (thanks laundryamah!) = so total 4, i thought enuff to last for a year....i was right...a but is coming...but then i didn't count on ellisa being sooooo choooosiee leh...she only wants to drink milk from her glass bottle and nothing else...since i am down to 1 big bottle (she takes in 6-7 oz of milk 6-7 times a day!)...and this glass bottle i bought from fajar in damansara utama....already closed i dunno where to find the bottles to replace lah...

the brand is camera....made from of manufacturer is heinz baby corporation...not related in any way to heinz!!

so if anyone know where to get the bottles in PJ or KL...please tell me.

Monday, December 04, 2006


being a parent, of cos i was curious what my little girls would like to be when they grow up especially i asked erika

me: what do you want to do when you grow up?

e: eh...i want to be a princess....aurora, barbie doll

me: what does princesses do?

e: no suck thumb, talk nicely, they wear pretti pretti and wave! take picture nicely (posing) and stay in a castle.

me: does princess drive car?

e: no, they sit in a car and watch tv

me: what food does princess eat?

e: sweets, chewing gum

me: princess no more teeth la, all your teeth drop out...are you a bo-geh princess?

e: of cos no!

well, very dreamy ambitions...

as for ellisa, her current ambition is to walk and carry a heavy bag of toys. she also know how to push a chair/box to whereever she wants and climb on it to get to what she wants! climbing higher and extending her "octopus tanticle hands" to more gadgets & objects. another interesting fact is that she can even follow the "high school musical" songs.