Friday, December 15, 2006

daddy's little trip

daddy is away for a few days for work...took a 3 hrs flight to east the remote jungles...and to visit ‘his’ closely related relatives.....the orang-utans in sandakan.

***guess i will pack him 2 way radios, just in case***

daddy and his staff had to track into the jungle...sweating like pigs...before they were greeted with only 3 orang-utans...a real disappointment for all the hard walking! mommy told daddy that the zoo would have more orang-utans to greet them than the sanctuary! maybe they were a bunch of unattractive relatives that the orang-utans were trying to avoid!!

however when daddy told mommy that they had seafood for dinner and the oysters were bigger than his palm…wah…mommy’s imagination ran a bit wild loh…fresh oysters so huge…salivating, asked daddy to take photos…but i don’t think daddy at least no need to imagine so much mah!

other than that, daddy said there’s nothing to do and can’t wait to go home to see his angels…especially when he called and ellisa said this to him…haar looow daad di….aii urve yuuuu…..baiiii baiii”

no wonder he is catching the earliest flight home today.


huisia said...

Wah,the oyster so big, never seen that big before, em..i think i should go Sandakan and try the oyster.

CutiePrincessMummy said...

By now, u shd know the trick to ask ur 'lou gong' come home earlier lar...hehehe

Oscar's Mommy said...

hehe, ellisa is so cute. wa, oyster that big i have to see!

jazzmint said...

ya wohh..they say sabah is known for yummy wander when my hubby returns from KK, he has gout attack *roll eyes*

Julian said...

Sabah is seafood haven! But must find a good restaurant that doesnt take advantage of outsiders by putting up a high price.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Aiyo, the daddy must be soooo longing to come back home after hearing Ellisa's words