Wednesday, December 06, 2006

baby bottles

when i was pregnant with ellisa, read that glass baby bottles were much better as plastic bottle may not be entirely safe...well research findings always try to scare why not try glass bottles for ellisa! even influenced laundryamah to get for kylie but dun think she used it for too long!! also gotta thank laundryamah for giving one evenflo glass bottle to ellisa..still using it!

yes...actually the glass bottles are not as fragile as we think! in fact...i only broke 2 after 16 months...that's quite a record as we (me, po-po, the maids, the kids & ellisa) handled the bottles everyday and sometimes accidents happened...still the bottle seem fine until recently...finally 'cracked up' from all the punishment.

since i plan to use the glass bottles for only a year maybe 2, so bought only 3 big glass bottles & 1 free gift (thanks laundryamah!) = so total 4, i thought enuff to last for a year....i was right...a but is coming...but then i didn't count on ellisa being sooooo choooosiee leh...she only wants to drink milk from her glass bottle and nothing else...since i am down to 1 big bottle (she takes in 6-7 oz of milk 6-7 times a day!)...and this glass bottle i bought from fajar in damansara utama....already closed i dunno where to find the bottles to replace lah...

the brand is camera....made from of manufacturer is heinz baby corporation...not related in any way to heinz!!

so if anyone know where to get the bottles in PJ or KL...please tell me.


Anonymous said...

Pigeon too has glass bottle.

We were clumsy lot and broke all for of our 4 bottles in less than 6 months. From then on, it is plastic bottles.

laundryamah said...

eh kylie still using glass bottles la!

jazzmint said...

wow didn't know got glass ones...i'm trying hard to wean bottle from my girl :(