Friday, December 08, 2006

my lil office helper

boss away for 2 weeks holiday...great news for me leh...hahaha so i brought erika to "entertain" me! or me "entertain her today...oh well...also get her out of po-po's hair for one day. she luurve to go to mommy’s office coz there are so many fun stuff to do:

  • play stamping with the rubber stamp and stamp pad

  • drawing with highlighters (i don't have colour pencils) & all the coloured pens within her reach

  • drawing on the big white board with markers

  • playing with the cabinet's key ~ locking & unlocking

  • printing blank cheques with the checkwriter...wish those cheques were for the million billon zillion

  • playing stapler and cello-tape

  • folding and cutting paper into beautiful "snow flakes"

  • eating biscuit, fried chicken & char-siew that po-po packed and drinking her milk&milo

  • play with the water dispenser

  • talking to herself – playing pretend “manager” holding a pen and scribbling things on the paper and putting a stamp on the “documents”

  • playing kiddie games on my boss pc! sitting on the big chair! acting like a boss!

another fun part of going to the office includes...taking a ride on the bus and having lunch in town and taking the train home! and also mommy’s full attention, without ellisa as a distraction.

before coming to the office, she already made a request that she wants mommy to get her a new pair of shiny earrings in town, so will do that as promised…what more could a little girl want?


CutiePrincessMummy said...

Erika sure will have a great time in ur office. Btw, she no need to take a nap meh? can tahan meh? :P

Happy entertaining with each other yea! hehehe....

Oscar's Mommy said...

aiyoh! can follow mommy to work ah? so nice... oscar also always said want to follow me to work... but how la.. me no need to work lor later..

Sasha said...

hahaha so cute! i guess her wish for this christmad would be 2 front teeth!

laundryamah said...

wah ur boss not around should tell me la then bring kieran there to create havoc also ma...hahaha...

huisia said...

Emm...i just wonder, no other colleagues in your office? Hehe..girls will be girls, always love dazzling gadgets.

jazzmint said...

wahh looks like now she's enjoying all the new earrings kekeke

Angeleyes said...

wah....your boss is away and you have a temp missy boss ah? LOL