Friday, December 22, 2006

hug me ma ma

this is a typical every day event with the 2 angels, especially during bed time in the room.

erika: mummy hug me pleasssss, i am tired (meaning she wants to sleep and enjoy her thumb)

of cos i will go hug erika when she says that. in the room, ellisa is usually busy using up all her energy ~ opening and closing the cupboards, storage chest or wardrobe, climbing into them, playing the remote controls but once she sees her che-che in my arms, she will get all worked up, crocodile tears welling up, whimpering and says…

ellisa: hug me ma ma...hug me ma ma (rolling on the bed with arms stretch out for better effect)

what can i do when a little baby says that to you…of cos i will stretch out my other arm to hold ellisa.

but are the 2 girls satisfied with this arrangement?

of cos not…there will both be kicking up a fuss, pushing and shoving each other for more of mommy, trying hard to expand and protect their mommy-space…since ellisa being younger…sharing is not an option, she will start her croc tears and throw a tantrum (noizzzy situation)…scolding che-che “nautiiii”….in the end…she wins and mommy will be hugging her…daddy says mommy is bias! (maybe daddy is bias towards erika too)

erika: not fair, you always hug ellisa, you only love her, you don’t love me, always always hug ellisa

of cos i try to explain the situation to erika...

ellisa showing her sis her “winning” smile! satisfied…she will climb out of my arms and do her usual exploration of the room...she's there just to get a piece of the action.

then i will quickly go and hug erika, she's happy and by nature is very huggy, just like a koala bear, when she was a baby & toddler, once you hug her, she will be so comfortable she will stick to you like glue, so easy! of cos the downside or upside is that you will have very tone arms(?) and an aching back…since my babies are huge!

2 sisters sooo unlike each other! and who was the one who told me that no. 2 will be easier?

merry christmas to all


IMMomsDaughter said...

No.2's mission to earth is to get on No.1's nerves. It's the same with mine. Ho ho ho to you guys!

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Same as u, this kind of drama always shows at my home. How i wish i'll have extra 2 more arms to carry both of them at the same time! No more shouting, pushing & crying then!!

Merry X-mas!! :-D

huisia said...

No..2 definitely not easy for me..that's why i salute you!

Merry X'mas to you and your family!

shoppingmum and kids said...

Huh? No 2 not easier meh? Someone told me the same thing you heard too. Don't scare me leh....

jazzmint said...

lucky thing 2...later got 3 how to divide yourself eh