Wednesday, December 27, 2006

pajama party

well its not really a pajama party...since its only erika and synn yi...but more of a sleepover party.

synn yi has spent 2 nites over with us...all 5 of us squeezed into 1 room (one queen and 2 single mattresses)...and erika is still badgering her to perpetually sleepover in our room and become her “permanent” room mate!

the trouble with putting 2 little girls together is the yakity yakity yakity yak yak yak...non-stop...even after cajoling and threats…these girls have no fear of authority…they yak yak yak…then daddy will growl at them…quiet for a little while…then they will start whispering, then they get bolder and louder so is their giggles…then daddy starts to growl again…and the cycle went on and on until way past midnite!

of cos i gotta try to put a stop to this idea…so i told yee ma that in order for synn yi to sleep over…negotiate with erika to sleepover at her house first ~ so its fair trade!

actually its mommy’s “evil scheme” of putting a stop to the sleepover as erika has never been successful in sleeping over at anyone’s place before…there were many attempts but usually at the stroke of midnite, the little princess will cry and moan for mommy and wants to be chauffeured home! just like a cinderella story.

however, erika was persistent that she will be able to sleep over this time…we happily let her go telling her that even if we receive calls from her…we will only get her in the morning and yee ma…once asleep cannot wake up to drive her home…as yee ma is the sleeping beauty!

before leaving she told us that we cannot abandon her or disown her for sleeping over…she said… “i don’t want to call you uncle or auntie when I came back tomorrow ok? i still wanna call you mommy daddy ah…I don’t want to call yee ma as mommy”. i laughed when i hear her said this.

erika ran upstairs got her pajamas…her bottle & her milk powder & milo…and gleefully follow yee ma home….to our surprise the phone did not ring once and she came home the next morning…smiling from ear to ear! she finally is able to sleep without mommy!

another milestone in her life.

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huisia said...

Thumb up to Erika!!