Monday, April 30, 2007

bicycle built for 2

just started this ritual this month. every evening i try to spend some "quality" time with the girls on the condition that:

1. i am not too tired – case of interrupted sleep from the nite before (yah ellisa is still crying in the middle of the nite for mommy...she will say " i want my mommy"...then "daddy i want nen nen" ~ heheh well trained from mommy to request daddy to do the “honours”)

2. finish all their meal ~ excellent way to make them clear the dinner plate.

3. the sky is clear…raining cannot la

4. they gotta go in when daddy comes home from golf about 7ish…see la he so “hou meng” (fortunate) can play golf almost every weekday…saturday & sunday ~ no golf la…restricted to family day

usually it will start with erika cycling her bike, me pushing ellisa in the stroller chasing erika. then ellisa will wanna sit on erika's bike, “trying” to fight with erika for it...wins!! and ride erika’s bike, she doesn’t want to ride her smaller bike, gets erika all mad!! but erika still give in to her baby sister most of the time…then erika try riding in ellisa’s bike...very difficult la. sulk...i will tell erika i will push her on the stroller, so she gets on stoller....ride a few rounds...ellisa saw that another being is on "her" stroller...gets down from the bike and wants to jump onto the the end mommy gotta push 2 of them!
might as well get 2 strollers, except i will need 4 hands!!!

i think even with all the drama, it does give me a chance to sweat out some and not lead my sedentary, horizontally tv-bound life.

join the party?

when i got this inviation from Joy Montessori, i was so excited, got party wor...quickly jumped into her site to find out la...oh its a sort of taggy but with a wonderful helps to increase your page rank and some other tecnical goodies which boost blog rank and join party lor!! so happy to be invited...thanks ya.

Here are the Rules:
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2) COPY the Rules and ENTIRE list below and post it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount of keywords your site can accessible for, go ahead and change the title of the blog. Just don’t change the links of the blog.

3) Take “My New Faves” and move them into the “The Original Faves” list.

4) Add 5 Blogs that you’ve just added to your Technorati Favorites to the “My New Faves” section. Remember to also add the “Fave Me” link next to your new blogs (i.e.

5) Add Everyone on this list to your Technorati Favorites List by clicking on “Fave the Site.” Those who want good kharma will fave you back. If not, you will for sure get the benefits of faves from the bloggers who continue this list after you.

My New Faves:
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The original faves:
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Saturday, April 28, 2007

splish splash

last weekend, at the pool kicking and screaming. have you even seen a girl with a crown in a pool before? there u have it...erika.

ellisa was very brave, even when she was all submerged in the pool and of cos drank some of the "drinkable chlorin filled" water...choking and coughing...eyes all red... all she did was rub her eyes a little to get the water out of her eyes and nose, then she still continue to run back into the pool for more thrill.

if that was erika, her reaction will be totally different scenerio. erika would be crying and clinging to mommy & daddy for dear life and then would not step into the deep end for the rest of the pool time.

CRM Software

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Friday, April 27, 2007


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I was browsing around and blog hopping the mommies sites that I have on my list of links, guess what I saw? Hey, some of these mommies have started with Smorty, and getting themselves busy as they embark into another option to blog for money. Isn’t that amazing? Now there is another service with connects advertisers with bloggers…I like it!…getting paid for a hobby, for something I enjoy doing is like a win-win-win situation that I can only dream off. Usually if you start on any hobby, the first thing is you need to spend a substantial amount to support that interest.

Like daddy for instance, his hobby is cars, racing and rallies. Do you think he can get sponsors that pay him hard cash or anything in-kind so that he could zoom his car round the circuit or rally in the remote plantations or mountains? I can bet you my last dollar that it won’t happen unless he’s proven himself.

But to blog for money is a different ball game, hey, why don’t you try it?

another holiday in kl

remember the last time i post about our holiday in kl, well last weekend, we went and check in to the same kl hotel (still got 1 free room voucher mah!). this time brought along ellisa and she really had lots of fun...once we got into the room, both the girls were busy checking out everything...

when she opened the fridge and saw all the goodies inside....wahhh! can't wait to get her chubby hands into all the bottles and cans...rearrage la.

then took the instant noodles (from the hotel cabinet) and started playing with the off on off, pulling it down, up, left, right...if the hotel electical maintenance guy sees this, he sure pengsan....hehhe

erika playing with the master control switches, before long, ellisa was at it too...again on off on off

tv is another wonderful toy to occupy her and amuse her for a while, not that she's watching, she loves pushing buttons

if only they have a tv lift cabinet to keep these chubby tiny fingers off the switches!!

basically all this happened within 1 hour from the time we got in. later we took the girls on the train ride to klcc, got back for dinner at the lebanese restaurant. very, very exotic to our tastebud, it was a semi-buffet with shiasha and belly dancing performance. the girls were soaked to their heads in culture that nite! every dish that i wanna take from the buffet spread, i have to read the dish cards and then try to imagine the dish and took a spoonful to try at at time. i must say it was a very interesting and yummy and different culinary experience, and we truly enjoyed the fun "cultured-infused" evening...hmm...really considering taking up belly dancing now!! hehehe.

will scrap about the pool time & put it in another post


Have you ever played a game where the losers are the actual winners of the game? Some sort of a topsy turvy world, don’t we wish it was like that most of the time. Heheehe You may say don’t dream but there is a wonderful site that allows you to bid for trendy and cool items and the winner of the bid is the LOWEST UNIQUE bidder. Don’t believe me? Why not give bid4prizes a shot and you could possible come out a winner. I am aiming for the Samsung 50" Plasma TV for my bedroom and my unique bid would be 1388 cents (my lucky number!)

Next thing to get is a nice plasma mount to complete the whole set-up!

daddy off to singapore

while daddy was packing his travelpro bags yesterday, he talked to erika...

daddy: erika i am going to singapore tomorrow, bring yeh yeh to see his doctor
erika: (rejoicing) yah...yah....i can sleep with mommy...(laugh loudly)
daddy: you wanna follow me
erika: (dare not answer the question) eh, is mommy following you?
daddy: yes, mommy is going (lying to her)

erika: (knows daddy is being deceitful, looks to mommy’s face and whispering) mommy are you going?

see la, where her priorities lies.

anyway, early this morning about 5+ a.m. daddy kissed all the 3 sleepy, snoring girls then went to yeh yeh’s house to take him to singapore. it’s now over a year since we found out about yeh yeh’s tumour and the great news is that it is shrinking and shrinking, day by day. hopefully this doc’s visit will bring more good news. i guess this is the 5th or 6th trip down south...

i remember the day when daddy found out about the tumour, i could see from his face like his whole world was collapsing in front of him, feeling so lost and helpless. and also the initial shock of coming face to face with the reality of the situation. well, after the “shock”, then as a family, we tried all sorts of ways to learn about the tumour, confront it and find the best possible cures or solutions. so far we have been very fortunate and i hope yeh yeh will have many many more years to play with the girls.

these pictures taken last week, remember i left my camera, here la i left it. yeh yeh just bought them the new toys, so the girls playing hair accessories" with yeh yeh. he loves playing with children. see ellisa using the hair dryer on yeh yeh's hair.

yeh yeh: ellisa, please give me the hairdryer

ellisa: (give sheepish smile, walks to yeh yeh pointing the hairdyer to him, then when the hair dryer almost reached his nose, she runs away and laugh)

yeh yeh: (laughs) this one cheeky, purposely tease me and dun give me. always like that, just wanna tease me only!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


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Remember the times when you worked on those critical files for a big project and some how something went amiss and you could not retrieve the files or that those files were “corrupted” or changed, and all your hard work of putting all your ideas together, went down the drain faster than you can say…”blleeeeuuuuhhhh, man oh…man!” Now you wish you had saved up the files securely in a be-zillian places!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

blogging rights

surprise to receive comments from babyfiona, xilly and lovely mummy saying i am the blog of the day.

i can't believe it chosen one? ok it's not really me per say but my blog la...for a whole 24 hours at least i am blog of the day on ppp (ok only ppp bloggers can see this coz it's a member only site)...wah!! my blog is up there, receiving all the ehhh attention?? hehehe

so here's a photo to show off for you to see lah. dunno how to copy and paste the the end i went to take a pic and post it la! me not very good leh technically with the shows right!

taggies by mummies

this is way overdue, being a “dependable” mommy, some how gotta fulfill my taggies la. got one on layers from mummy in vain and the other one on sweet 18 by joymontessori

thank you mommies for thinking of me…here’s the meme…

12 Layers On Me

Layer One:
On The Outside
Name : i put acronym la…but it’s real easy to guess my chinese name… "ml”
Birth Date : 7 October
Current status : Married
Eye Colour : Very Dark brown
Hair Colour : super blue black, dye black or some very dark colours to hide the whites!! coz “o-re-gi-na” hair very black, mega contrast lor.
Righty or Lefty : Righty

Layer Two :
On The Inside
Your Heritage : Chinese…cantonese & teowchew mix
Your Fears : reptiles...insects…mammals ~ rats
Your Weakness : lazy to meet up or call for gatherings, not a crowd person
Your Perfect Pizza : loads of cheese, seafood, anchovies, olives

Layer Three :
Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First thing when I wake up : go to the loo…
Your Bedtime : sleep after watching my fave. show…yesterday was desperate housewives so 11:30
Your Most Missed Memory : i dun have any miss yet!

Layer Four :
Your PickPepsi or Coke : Coke
McDonald’s or Burger King : burger king, i like the bbq smell, daddy says its a chemical - artificially induced one...aiyah!
Single or Group Dates : prefer group la, or else after a while of staring, can get boring hehehe
Adidas or Nike : eh…adidas kua, me, not a sporty type
Tea or Nestea : Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : vanilla
Cappucino or Coffee : latte??

Layer Five :
Do You..Smoke : no, dun like the smell
Curse: hardly
Take a shower : of cos la…here so humid
Have a crush : sure la, so many hunkies around
Think you’ve been in love: of cos many times, in & out…even with hubby (fight then where got love right…no fight lub lub la)
Go to school : very gungho…after working for 5 years…thot could do more with my degree…so took up the montessori course (for a change something not so main stream) wanna learn more, but must say learning is good for u…now old lor, no more school pleeezzz...since i am now the stuck doing erika’s homework, feels just like in school again! when can i escape ah?
Want to get married : too late to ask this question
Believe in yourself : of cos...also in god la
Think you’re a health freak : yes, i try to be one.

Layer Six :
In The Past Month
Drank alcohol : yes, i love wine…
Gone to the mall : siao ah! of cos la, that’s my fave. past time
Been on stage : sure...for all the wrong reasons
Eaten sushi : yummy
Dyed your hair : i think i did…see la so forgetful.

Layer Seven :
Have You Ever..
Played A Stripping Game : No la, but poker game on poker tables got la!
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : yeah when i was young & st**p*d hahaha

Layer Eight :
AgeYou’re Hoping To Be Married : i guess 28 kua…nice number but didn't happen until a year later...but i marry on 28 of the month la!!

Layer Nine :
In a Girl/Guy
Best Eye Colour : Brown
Best Hair Colour : Black (no like blonde)
Short Hair or Long Hair : for guy – short la.

Layer Ten :
What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago : sorting out cheques to pay bills
1 Hour Ago : on the train to work
1 Month Ago : at my 1st blogger’s meet ???
1 Year Ago: whoa!

Layer Eleven :
Finish The Sentence
I Love : my family especially my 2 angels
I Feel : happy & blessed this month…financially more stable…summore got $$ from ppp
I Hate : fighting with hubby
I Hide : when i cry
I Need : a better maid/helper in the house

Layer Twelve :
Tag five people..
aiyoo so many already done......i give u all chance time i sure tag tag tag

Sweet 18
So here’s how the tag works:-

* Go to PopCulture site.
* Pick the year you turn 18 years old.
* Get yourself nostalgic over the songs that year.
* Write something about how those songs affected you.
* Pass it on to five more friends.

really, i am really not a music person, i am one of those people that can live without songs, music...k! not very cultured, but that's me.

dun need it when i study or work…so u know la i dun really dance too…and of cos no karaoke for me…coz the best i can do in a karaoke is try my upmost best to sing the chorus of a very, very, very popular song…you know those songs that are air in the malls, in those mini-bus (long time ago they exist la), in taxis, in your fren’s car…u get the picture la. you can just imagine i have no cd or cassette to my name, all belongs to daddy or the girls now.

so this is a really tricky & challenging meme to do…i will list songs i think i remember hearing and sort of enjoy la…

Kokomo - Beach Boys
Red Red Wine - UB40
Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird (Medley) - Will To Power
Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
Got My Mind Set on You - George Harrison
Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car - Billy Ocean
Together Forever - Rick Astley

wah got 2 rick astley….now dunno still around or not?

no tagging la…

Stone Hawk

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Besides that, the positive approaches used in this center make a difference in encouraging patients to change for the better and hope for better days.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

best siu yuk

went to 'wong mei kei' siu yuk, char siew & chicken shop last sunday with the girls, (solly pic...buzy busy, hands full). that's all they sell and the kopi shop is full.

the shop is just a very normal looking corner kopi shop, open air type with plastic chairs. once seated, you gotta go take your own soup, self service.

the yummy siu yoke is not cheap! it cost $12 for one strip and i can eat all of that by myself, erika one strip, daddy one...u do the math la! then the roast chicken (choy yuen kai ~ free range chick) cost $60 for one...and this is only kopi shop, no air con, no music, no free smoke areas. to me, the siu yoke is so yummy i think its becoz it's well marinated and roasted, the man cutting the siu yoke really cut those fatty strips down from 2 inches of meat & skin & fats (3 beautiful layers) to 1 inch of succulent meat, fats and crispy crispy melts in the mouth morsels...(salivating now).

after eating all the fats - go grab a diet pill!!!

this shop only open around 12:00++p.m. and they won't serve you until about 12:45++, when the siu yuk is just right...dunno maybe they like seeing a queue before they start serving...and even though officially close at 2:30 p.m., most days the siu yuk is sold out way before that, so be early but not too early...and if you wanna order more than 4 or 5 strips...they won't accommodate your order unless you pre-order the day before...terror or not! got business also dun do!

wong mei kee is located on jalan nyonya, off jalan pudu, opposite the QQQ car auto & stereo accessories shop.

feeling lost

had a wonderful weekend, did many things, wanna blog about it, but i so crazy snap snap snap then play play play until i even forgot that i left camera at my in-laws place. aiyah…really felt so lost without my precious lumix la!

learnt from daddy a new trick (actually it’s a real old camera technique) that you can take beautiful picture without flash, just that you need to add the camera speed to the max (for mine its 400) and then aim and shoot. i am really got lots to learn about camera techniques and gadgetry, that’s why i always put in on auto mode, keep it simple la…as long pic turns out nice and clear…i happy!

hoping my father in-law will bring my baby (camera la) home soon…i miss you! more than i miss daddy! hahahaa

talking about daddy…yesterday before he went out at nite

daddy: erika, daddy is going out tonite, you sleep early okay?
erika: okaaaay…(smiling from ear to ear)

you know that something is amiss when that happens, erika being such an accommodating and understanding child. do you know why erika likes to see her daddy go out at nite?

so she can jump onto the big bed & sleep with mommy, then leave daddy to sleep on her bed. well last time she would have bombarded the daddy with a machinery of questions that he will try to dodge as best as he can…such as:

“when are you coming back?”
“why you have to go out ah?”
“why you always go go go, what if bad uncle come in, who is going to protect us?”
“I want you to come back fast”
"who are you going out with ah?"
“when you come back, can you buy me…..(this & that..holding the father ransom)…?”

with her asking all the "right" questions, mommy dun have to open her mouth lor...
see la, how manipulative a lil’ girl can be!

Wilderness Programs

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The teenage years seems to bring out the best and worst in all of us. And as a parent, helping teenagers to cope with today’s peer pressure can seem a daunting task. A lot of teenagers seem lost and trap in their own “harsh world”. Options that are available include Wilderness Programs and Help for Struggling Teens, which seek to address teenager’s social and behavioral problems and help them work it out. has a directory of wilderness programs as well as alternatives to wilderness programs to bring teenagers back onto the right path.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

bo bo

here is a scrap on bo bo (my sis’s daughter), and she calles ellisa 'bo bo', in return ellisa calls her back the same bo! i dunno why she made up such a name...but its like a term of endearment, maybe saying something like “i love u” or you are my buddy.

eventhough bo bo is only 7 months younger than erika, i can see that she has a special connection with ellisa and vice versa. 3 years gap but that’s just a number. sometimes you just click with someone, maybe its chemistry, and some you just clash!

why? why? why?

at first when we heard her say "why?", i thot it's just conincidence, a fluke la...then 2nd, 3rd, 4th.....5....6...7..."whys" it now officially confirmed. isn't this a little early for why ah?

scene one
ellisa: i wan watch ob se builder....(singing) op the buider, can u iz it....op te buildder, es e can...
popo: no, cannot watch
ellisa: why?
popo: i dunno where's the cd
ellisa: there? (she knows her stuff, so can't trick her)

scene two
me: no ellisa, u cannot play daddy's tools
e: why?
me: its dangerous
e: why?
me: after u get hurt, then pain pain
e: why?

sometimes i dun think she really knows what "why" stands for...maybe she thinks its a language pattern...after what an adult say...then her turn...say "why?"

Hotline Help

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Drug related problems, you think it would never happen to you or your family. Thinking that these only happens to celebrities or super stars. This cannot be further from the truth. I have an uncle…okay actually its 3 uncles that have this problem (definitely no bragging rights here!!) and I can see how our families suffered when they were dealing with the drug addiction as it was a major challenge, that’s putting it lightly.

It not only affects the person going through it, but also affects all their loved ones. In fact it could jeopardize all ties or relationship with all your closest friends and family, since drugs makes you act so compulsively and “illegal” and “unlawful” acts are just the name of the game!

Seeking help for drug rehabilitation is also a very difficult choice. Call this hotline toll free number at Call 877-84-SOBER (877-847-6237) to seek drug addiction treatment information, advice and all the programs available to recover successfully.

Friday, April 20, 2007

i dun fren u

went to the room, saw erika and synn yi quarelling...."i dun fren you, i dun fren yuuuu" sounds so familiar, so i go "8", investigate la...what happened?

me: erika, why are you quarelling with synn yi?

erika: we playing i be kakak (the maid, erika likes that, dun ask me why) and i wanna call her ma' kakak call you ma'am but she dun let me...she asked me to call her yen leng

me: who is yen leng?

erika: she is another class teacher, she is the one with the nicest face, from school one la

me: be nice la to synn yi, then u play school la dun play kakak

erika: okay la...okay la...since she is older (pretend teacher ma) i will call her teacher yen leng la

then sean try to step in...wanna play with the girls

erika & synn yi: (gang up against sean, now become good frens in less than a minute) no you are not our team, u dun play with us, u boy, we girls

sean: (angry & rejected) u all ah neh neh la...

started quarelling again...aiyah let them settle themselves since all talk talk shout quarel but no fighting or kicking or punching, so let it be la.


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If you have ever worked on a PC, laptop, workstation, I betcha you have got this ‘awesome attack’ before. Yes, they are none other than those nasty, nasty, pesky viruses that seem to creep in all forms and ways. Well I try my best to keep my PC in “good physical shape” and stay away from all “unhealthy” activities; but you gotta give it to the viruses for the stealthy manners in which they are still able to invade my poor PC. I think most of the time… “it’s not my fault!”. It could be my colleagues catching those bugs and happily spreading it to all the PCs in the office network.

One way of killing them is using free Antivirus downloads. It is a free Norton Antivirus download from Google! Keep those pesky viruses away!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

tambourine girl

as usual ellisa will go thru the drawers, rummaging around in search of something “new” to play. then she found the tambourine. i was surprised she could play it, hitting it, beating it and shaking or rattling or jinggling it like a pro!

she must have remembered the church ribbon and tambourine dancers style and steps...very observant and can pick up fast.

after beating then jiggling the tambourine, then she will turn round and round and round until she sooooo dizzy, woozy and wobbly, she falls down laughing, knocking whatever that’s in her way. she doesn’t seem bothered on what hits her, she gets up and repeats the whole dance sequence.

actually she loves turning round and round, maybe she likes the dizzy, giddy sensation. i see also pening.

Holiday Home

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We are always dream of owning a holiday home in the Mediterranean. A heavenly spot to ‘runaway’ and escape from our busy lives so that we can slow down and enjoy the rural charms. Somewhere warm and beautiful with white sandy beaches. North Cyprus Property has all these trappings and more. Click on to their site for more delightful discovery.

mirror writing

remember my post on 'red flag' on how i was a little paranoid worried about erika's reading and writing...basically her language ability. really thankful to lovely mommy for clearing out the issue... tank q, thang gue, thank you ya! (owe u big one!) for taking your so much time and effort to type out and explain so clearly with such good examples too.

here is what she wrote:

A friend of mine has a dyslexic son, both she and her
husband are not, so not necessary from parents.

I am not an expert,
but I have noticed that letter reversals alone usually won't be a big issue,
they grow out of it. Plus, lefty who cannot decide their dominant hand earlier
can be a little
confused still.

Actually, many children are
not developmentally ready to read at 5-6 years old.

But, some of
this dyslexic tendencies shown on some children can be just due to poor/no
proper instructions. In another word, it's induced.

Can she isolate
the sounds?
i.e. can she hear the /a/ in pan and /e/ in
pen and able to
differentiate they are diffferent sounds?
i.e. can she tell
that "cat"
ends with /t/, can ends with /n/
i.e. man begins with /m/, peg
with /p/

difficulty transferring information from what is heard to
what is seen and vice versa.

i.e can she write
down "cat" when you
said this
slowly /c//a//t/

on the questions on differentiating sounds, erika has no problems, she can build words very well, she got a very good ear…music is her fave! she is able to differentiate long and short vowel sounds, that’s why she does very well in bahasa ejaan, but for yeng-ge-leish words, different story la…yingelish words have too many sets of rules and laws that even i can’t spell a lot of words correctly, by just listening to the sound of that word.

for example, simple words like:
ball…why is there double ‘ll’ when one ‘l’ works just fine
jock... ‘c’ and ‘k’ gives out the same sound…again double here
then those silent ‘e’ and ‘i’, sure i will be confused too!

phew!…so erika is normal la…just have some problem with mirror writing...which she will outgrow….soon?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

swinging time

this is a very rush scrap, did it during ellisa's mid-morning nap time. i was rushing, rushing, rushing to finish. why? wanted to surprise erika, with her own scrap and needed to do quick, before she gets home from school.

so not many elements added la...just chose one paper as background and simple stitches. this picture was taken last sunday at the park...the black out day.

anyway, erika dun like her pictures taken, so that's why i didn't do many scraps on her coz when i point the camera at her, she will either run away, shy away, hide her face or give me a prune face or angry face. so before we went to the park, i told her if she wants me to scrap for her, she gotta look at the camera and be there u have it...some nice photos in her fave. red chinese new year top!

verdict from erika..."i like it...becoz it's red!"

made my day la.

Face to Face

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chicken egg story

aiyoo thot I on leave, very free la, can be leisurely and lepak…turn out so opposite.

ellisa clinging and whining all the time, tried to ppp (chase some golden eggs la), but by the time i grab something, she poo poo la, need to clean her up, wash, then she dun wanna dress up…she wanna choose her own clothes, “i dun wan dresssss” ~ see la, so young, so fussy & choosy…so by the time i get back to the ppp…so dah over time, lost that one…tried others…

then suddenly so many visitors to the house in the morning, yee po and cheong kong came…then even ma ma (grandma – my mil) came too…wah like checking on me if i curi “ayam” or not? Then another yee po will be coming for lunch…

summore me trying to scrap…and until now still cannot finish one…ya lah need time to be creative (thot had plenty on my hands! if only i knew better)

another thing i gotta do (the super neat daddy harping already) clean up the room…now u know why i dun think i will give up my day job…my night & weekend job is soooo much tougher and demanding…i say better be a small kuci rat in the office than the mother hen in this chicken coop!

now only noon time and still got another half a day to go…will i be able to steal a cat nap?

still gotta go sign those papers…

Magic Software

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ppp fine print

got a rejected post today...did you know that you need to post a personal post before you post a ppp one. k! maybe some of you know that. but do you know that under your personal post, there are also some criteria or requirement that needs to be meet.

obviously it must be of original content, no replica, copy-cat or "fakes". hahaha not only that, did you know that it must be of appropriate length? how long is long ah? (dun think 'serong' here)

well i just jumped into ppp, i dun read any manual, terms or fine print...learn the hard way lor! by doing lots of errors...hahahaha

Life Insurance

All of us know what it stands for, all of us thinks we understand what term life insurance or life policies is all about. But do we really know the nitty gritty details that are written (in the smallest of font) and printed in those documents?

I for one do not read those pages and pages of information regarding my coverage and believe almost everything the insurance agent promised for my coverage according to the premium. I guess the only time I will read it is when I wanna make a claim. Yes, very naïve and gullible, but that’s life!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

selling shop

i will be on leave tomorrow, need to sell shop, really…not like i have lots of property, just this one shop lot only. i dun even own the whole shop only half la.

i must say this is a real blessing from god to me and to my ah yee, coz this shop is bought by 2 of us for her to run her business. as you know, economy has not been very rosy or promising even though every day the stock market seem to break new records (not sure how it is sustained?…..hmm supported by gossips, rumours and scandals??).

after doing some market research, we feel its time to sell.

back to shop story, so ah yee was praying, fasting, and hoping we get a good buyer to buy over the business and the shop…and thank god the breakthrough came this month…so we go sign and stamp and seal the deal tomorrow…yahoo…debt free! strees free! a new beginning for ah yee.

itchy now…wanna renovate house lor…really need to expand. our house is a little like kl city, in the day time…very populated (about 8-13 people occupy it) then evening or nite, when everyone goes home then only 5 left. dreaming of my extended kitchen, living hall, glassed up patio and deck…wah…$$$$!!!

where are my other illusive shops that i can sell la? cyber shops in virtual space? who wanna buy ah? lelong lelong

VoIP Forum

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blogger tag

so surprised to be tagged by ryeli’s mummy, even though i have never met her before, i enjoy reading about her lil’ girl who is 5 months younger than ellisa.

1) Who is the 1st blogger you meet?

of cos laundryamah, who introduced me to blogging and who i have know for the longest of time.

2) Who is the ‘Most Wanted to Meet’ blogger for you?

it was mott muttering, coz she can really put pen to paper, it’s a special skill i wish i had. well did actually meet her once in a huge meeting of mommy bloggers but was a lil’ shy la to talk to her…her wittiness and braininess would have left me speechless and standing there like a ‘batu’.

other glitzy & glamour moms i wanna meet ...all on my link list lah, of course and mommies that do scraps, like ashley and jazzmint, coz I so crazy over scraps la…need to learn from sifu, and mommies that cook like...u know who u are la!

3) Who is the ‘I could meet, want wanted to meet but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?

eh…me so lazy to arrange meeting…how in this world is that gonna happen.

4) Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?

of cos the mommy group (can talk same topic la)…the moo group (support breastfeeding mah) and the creative group of mommies that cook yummylicious food and do beautiful crafts.

maybe even bloggers that took the medical coding training courses..anyone la

5) Do you have bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?

i think same answer as no 4 rite?

tagging other mommies…hmm long time never do this…afraid that other mommies kena this one before but nevermind la…if u kena…then ignore lor.

nomadic mom
cutie princess mommy
grace n family
raising belle

last but not least....


Super Pill

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Monday, April 16, 2007

play ball

ellisa is fascinated with balls, big or small, and this colourful magic one that can expand and contract really entertained her 'scientific' or curious mind. ya! you can get these colourful expandable balls from the guy on the cheap for such a lovely toy!

Brain tumor

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red flag

should i raise a red flag...since i raise this issue of erika's mirror writing on my earlier post, i got some feedback that i should not overlook it. i am trying not to read too much into erika's "mirror" writing as a real problem. i have heard of this term 'dyslexia' and i dun wanna put any labels on my darling erika until it comes out from the horses child specialist mouth.

well common findings of a dyslexia person include, but are not limited to:

(1) family history of reading problems; (not me, dunno daddy got this or not???)

(2) a predominant occurrence in males (males to females 8:1); (thank god erika is a girl...chances are lower)

(3) an average or above average IQ and, not uncommonly, a proficiency in math: (she's really good in her maths, but so is every other child i think)

(4) no enjoyment of reading as a leisure activity; (that's because reading is hard!! but she is trying and trying, everyday she ask me to help her with the story books i got for her)

(5) problems of letter and word reversal; (ok she has some issues here)

(6) developmental history of problems in coordination and left/right dominance; (no, she's a leftie, she writes with her left hand, but like to use tools like scissors with her right...just like does that consider a problem??? using both sides of her brain)

(7) poor visual memory for language symbols; (dunno if this is true, i am not a trained professional in this area, she like her chinese writing, what language symbols - alphabets - yes she cannot remember her b or d or p or q)

(8) auditory language difficulties in word finding, fluency, meaning, or sequence; (maybe...hmm...dunno leh!!)

(9) difficulty transferring information from what is heard to what is seen and vice versa. (no wor, she can really report to me everthing her cousins did "wrong" to her or what kakak did, so i dun think so, but maybe also...for example her fave. cake is classic cheese, but she always call it plastic that a sign??)

so how? some findings are true, some not sure, some no la...wanna go find a speech or language specialist ah? she's after all only 5 years and 5 months and 3 weeks old...but then if it really is a problem, get it corrected earlier better right...why wait? hmmm. maybe i should have a serious talk with daddy la!

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black out

had a wonderful leisurely sunday, wake up at 10, roll around, grab breakfast…erika’s fave…wan tan mee…the girls ate until they were all brown…ellisa enjoying the mee and as she feeds herself, she also generously spread the mee on the table, floor, chair, on her pajamas.

so the next thing was bath time then went to visit auntie serena in mont kiara, coz she set up her clothing stall at the flee market…very nice stuff and got a new pair of shoes (yahoo!! daddy says why get so many shoes leh…wanna “chao loh ah” ~ make a quick runaway).

also got a new bamboo mat for the living hall. asked the malay guy “ini datang dari mana?" (where is it from?) he said "dari cina" (from china) not malaysia punya ah! i thot we produce lots of mats...guess its cheaper to bring it from cina lah...everything in flea market not made in malaysia...either china, vietnam, bali, thailand...

but they had loads of nice stuff there including Seagull lighting.

after 1 hour, daddy can't stand the heat ledi...super hot...actually 'flea markets' not very suitable for our lovely cabut home...coz he wanted to watch A1 half way...cannot tahan, switch off coz malaysia can't get into top 10 also...very dissapointed...what to do now...sleep la..zzzz

wake up took the girls to the park...and snap snap snap again...(obsessed with photo taking) until battery low...tit tit tit, tit tit tit...(warning sound)...daddy packed dinner, got another racing to watch...this time F1...wah so exciting...gila chasing the cars round and round, then at the last lap (i can see from the top of the tv showing 1/57) we are at the edge of our bed (horizonal in the bedroom) then booop! total black out...eyes suddenly unadjusted to the darkness...can't see a thing...aiayhhhh! dunno who won la!!

luckily the lights came back in about an hour...or we would have melted away with the heat.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


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fun in the park

ellisa loves the park...sit the "shet shet" (slide) and swing swing, rocking on the bouncy "shock absorbers" ride, sitting on the see-saw. she even attempt all the "spiderwoman" stunts such as the web bars, which is way too dangerous for her to manage...if she can get on the monkey bars, she will be at it too.

nothing is too difficult for her, she thinks she can attempt any apparatus. i guess the hardest thing for her to do to say bye bye and go home!

i guess she will lurve horse riding too, time to think about lessons and horse riding apparel! never too early to learn.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

still hanging on

did a scrap for ellisa, must be fair do one for erika too using the same scrap album.

see erika is still not giving up her thumb...putting up a losing battle...she knows that too, that's why she's so embarrased when we catch her. trying to hide her face with her other 4 fingers and giving me the guilty laugh. the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! this love 'affair' with her thumb should fizzle out soon.

a few mommies commented on her tooth...well the 2 front teeth did not drop out due to the natural order of changing fact it was thru a very bad fall when she was around 2. (she seemed to fall a lot during that time and always on her front tooth, most of the time injuring her gums too.)

luckily the tooth did not drop out at that time, and we were hoping it would heal back since the dentist advised that even if the roots were broken, little children can regrow them...but after 6 months from the fall, the tooth started to turn greyish...we knew it was not a good sign...then one of it drop after a year...and the other about 1 1/2 there you have it...the story of her 2 front tooth...maybe by this christmas, she could get her 2 brand new front tooth!

Just say Hi!

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scrap crazy

daddy just installed the photoshop cs2 for me, making sure all the HDMI cables are working, so pc is running normally. what do i do, dun waste time scrap...while the girls play in the computer room...kill 2 scrap & babysit...hehehe

yesterday went to ivan's 1st b'day ellisa saw her old walker and it was too tempting...had to climb on it and ride it for ol' time sake! got loads of photos of the party but will scrap or post later la! actually has been crazy taking pics, for my scrap hobby...daddy thinks i have gone mad, to the pojnt of obsession...hmmm maybe he will buy me a bottle of that perfume.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Cheap Calls

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sick daddy

when i called home yesterday, erika picked up the phone.

me: hello erika
E: hello mommy, you know what? Daddy is upstairs, he’s sleeping becoz he’s sick. He told me he’s gonna die tomorrow.
me: huh! (daddy always says that when he is in pain, even a tiny lil’ pain, he will whine like a baby)
E: aiyah, he bluffing only la, I dun believe him…but I “kam jin” (put a blanket over) for daddy.
me: you very good girl la take care of daddy, will be back soon….

so back home, saw the big baby on the bed, moaning and groaning in pain with a swollen neck. erika trying to make him feel better, by massaging him, ellisa just copy-cat and trying her best to torture make daddy feel better.

The 4 monkeys were jumping around the room trying to induce more pain on him “cheer” him up. me, instead to kicking them out of the room, encourage them to jump so that i can take pictures. see how much fun they having!

Later at nite, mommy became the maid, the nurse, the babysitter…the list is continuously growing.

Daddy decided to sleep in another room, since germs have a way of invading other bodies. After erika visit daddy in her room, I saw erika crying and sobbing so hard, so ask her la.

me: what happened erika?
E: daddy say he’s gonna die (sob, sob, sob, trying to catch breath) I dun want him to die
me: I thot you say he bluff one
E: (sob, sob, sob) he say he will die after I get married
me: what? so how?
E: I dun wanna get married, I dun wan daddy to die…(sob, sob, sob)
me: come here, follow me…(storm into the room and scold daddy for talking such nonsense)

sick I can tolerate….talk such sickening stuff, which he does every single time he's not well…make me angry and wanna puke only! Dunno who make who sick now?

Current Account

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But have you heard of a bank with ethical standards? This must be a first! Well, the Co-operative bank conducts its business under an ethical policy which supports basic human rights. Isn’t that a great vision for a bank?

homework stress

kindy love to pour out more homework on me!! during the weekend...i say me and not erika is because i feel like i am doing all the work too, eventhough erika is the one writing it...i have never been so hardworking in school before and this is my 1st attempt at finishing all my school work.

used to copy copy copy others work (can ask in crime...once in a long time ago...aiyooo) no need to think much one i gotta korek my head especially all the chinese work...even had to call for back-up and my list of help (in order) 1st from jern wei, then jernwei's dad ~yee cheong, then if can't find them...then my cousins or ah yee...

like the other day erika had "ting seay" ~ spelling test in chinese, wah! i dunno how to read (dun say write la) how to say those words correctly...erika told me, but i still had to double confirm with someone...that day can't find my no. 1 assistant (jern) so look for telephone conversation goes something like this.

me: hello, can help me ah...ting seay la

c: sure sure

me: you know chair ah, how u say it

c: yee zer

me: ok is it with the 'mu' (wood) word at the right side or the bottom one...coz i see another word table, yee zer...which is which la?

c: chair yee zer is the one with the mu word on the side....table mu word bottom la

me: ok got another one...the fire word on one side and 'ting' word on the other side

c: ah that one 'teng'

me: huh? what is that la?

c: light ah...go back to school la...

see teruk and next week the cycle starts again!!! i am surprise erika loves chinese writing more than engelish or maybe she will survive her chinese school after all.
now i wanna wish for the video i just show them the page and they can explain to me clearly, no need to illustrate, explain and kena kutuk sommore if say wrongly!


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lip-Smaking good
Happy times
the colour Red
I love it!
Mommy's recipe
Palatably yummy

Shrimp is one of erika’s favorite food and she can eat a whole bowl of fresh cold shrimps, just with salt! Seeing her eat them, enjoying them is fun enough for me. Found a mouthwatering and delicious website on Shrimp Recipes, with beautifully illustrated photos and easy for follow recipes. Can't wait to try it!.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

sugar free high

sooo happy, since last week, both po po & kong kong decided to totally stop buying sweets for all the 5 grandchildren...wah....sweet words to my ears...finally!

all because of ellisa....she's too cute for them to stop her when she rummage through the car (side compartment, door pockets, under seat compartment, middle console…u get the picture) in search of sweets that kong kong hid from them. Of cos being such a good sleuth, she has been successful all the time, until she is sugar high and cranky and hyper and out of control!!!

so po po say enuff is enuff…they cannot control this little woman so best solution, dun buy the “drug”!

now ellisa still goes through the car with a fine tooth comb…but after all her search and finds nothing…she will declare…. ‘ no more, no more’ and sign by waving her hands.

with most of her teeth out (about 14 now) even the 2 'dracula' teeth is showing now, it would be alot easier to take care of these baby teeth. but of cos she loves to brush them, she thinks the electric toothbrush is a wonderful toy to tickle her tongue.


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Wow!! another opportunity to flaunt or put to the test my writing skills!! (big headed already!) And the best part is getting paid to do something I enjoy…what a fantastic package.

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Window dressing

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From my previous posts you must have read that when we shifted to our house, we were so tight, after paying all the legal fees, renovation cost, furniture and lightings that when it came to dressing the windows, daddy just sewed some leftover fabric and hung it up.

That was 6 years ago, now with a bigger budget to splurge, the first thing I wanna make over is to beautify my windows with Blinds. I have shop around and saw the huge variety in the market that will suit the house décor.

My idea is to put up the Roman Blinds for my room, Roller Blinds for the girls and wooden or vertical Blinds for my study. What do you think??

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


i did this scrap based on this beautiful poem, took pictures of their feet (while ellisa was sleeping, erika was happy to cooperate) i am sure most of you have read this poem before...

Footprints in the Sand

One night a man had a dream. He dreamed
he was walking along the beach with the LORD.

Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.
For each scene he noticed two sets of
footprints in the sand: one belonging
to him, and the other to the LORD.

When the last scene of his life flashed before him,
he looked back at the footprints in the sand.

He noticed that many times along the path of
his life there was only one set of footprints.

He also noticed that it happened at the very
lowest and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him and he
questioned the LORD about it:

"LORD, you said that once I decided to follow
you, you'd walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed that during the most
troublesome times in my life,
there is only one set of footprints.
I don't understand why when
I needed you most you would leave me."

The LORD replied:

"My son, my precious child,
I love you and I would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering,
when you see only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you."

written by Mary Stevenson

etcetera mommy ask how i make foot or hand prints of my lil' girls, very simple la...use water colour only, make sure buy non-toxic ones!! which the manufacturer claims so and prints it boldly on the box. my collection of their prints can make into a book soon...whenever i do the prints i will write their name and date it, so i can see how much their feet and hands have grown over the months. still very difficult to do handprints for ellisa...footprints also difficult if she doe wan! very messy too.