Sunday, April 15, 2007

fun in the park

ellisa loves the park...sit the "shet shet" (slide) and swing swing, rocking on the bouncy "shock absorbers" ride, sitting on the see-saw. she even attempt all the "spiderwoman" stunts such as the web bars, which is way too dangerous for her to manage...if she can get on the monkey bars, she will be at it too.

nothing is too difficult for her, she thinks she can attempt any apparatus. i guess the hardest thing for her to do to say bye bye and go home!

i guess she will lurve horse riding too, time to think about lessons and horse riding apparel! never too early to learn.


jazzmint said...

hehe all kids love the park eh ;)

mom2ashley said...

believe it or not i havent brought ashley to the park yet...she is one deprived kid!

NomadicMom said...

Have to say your scrap-booking very nice lah. I've got a scrapbook (the paper kind. Not the PC ones) that I got for my 2005 birthday which I have not even opened. Hee hee

huisia said...

bring her more often always love the park.