Monday, April 16, 2007

black out

had a wonderful leisurely sunday, wake up at 10, roll around, grab breakfast…erika’s fave…wan tan mee…the girls ate until they were all brown…ellisa enjoying the mee and as she feeds herself, she also generously spread the mee on the table, floor, chair, on her pajamas.

so the next thing was bath time then went to visit auntie serena in mont kiara, coz she set up her clothing stall at the flee market…very nice stuff and got a new pair of shoes (yahoo!! daddy says why get so many shoes leh…wanna “chao loh ah” ~ make a quick runaway).

also got a new bamboo mat for the living hall. asked the malay guy “ini datang dari mana?" (where is it from?) he said "dari cina" (from china) not malaysia punya ah! i thot we produce lots of mats...guess its cheaper to bring it from cina lah...everything in flea market not made in malaysia...either china, vietnam, bali, thailand...

but they had loads of nice stuff there including Seagull lighting.

after 1 hour, daddy can't stand the heat ledi...super hot...actually 'flea markets' not very suitable for our lovely cabut home...coz he wanted to watch A1 half way...cannot tahan, switch off coz malaysia can't get into top 10 also...very dissapointed...what to do now...sleep la..zzzz

wake up took the girls to the park...and snap snap snap again...(obsessed with photo taking) until battery low...tit tit tit, tit tit tit...(warning sound)...daddy packed dinner, got another racing to watch...this time F1...wah so exciting...gila chasing the cars round and round, then at the last lap (i can see from the top of the tv showing 1/57) we are at the edge of our bed (horizonal in the bedroom) then booop! total black out...eyes suddenly unadjusted to the darkness...can't see a thing...aiayhhhh! dunno who won la!!

luckily the lights came back in about an hour...or we would have melted away with the heat.

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jazzmint said... me oso same lah, and i thought it's my area oni, ruparupa whole PJ potong steam rite watching F1 half way then more