Thursday, April 05, 2007

How much have I earn from PPP?

I never really thought much about PPP eventhough I seen a lot of bloggers have it on their site. Yes I did ask Laundryamah about it once, but she said you need to get your blog approved and all before you can become a PPP…wah so much work? So I left it as that, then at the 1st blogger meet that I went, thanks to the invitation of Oscar’s mommy, I met Jazzmint who encouraged me to jump into the PPP bandwagon and make some money along the way.

Hmmm, doesn’t sound as hard as it seems, so signed up end March got it approved in just a few days…and I was on the road to PPP. The exciting part is grabbing PPP opportunities and hoping these will blossom and get approved.

As I am such a “smart” and “talented” writer, therefore I always choose opportunities with blog ads that only require 50 words…so I don’t need to show off my writing skill. (hahaha..blow my own horn or otherwise). It really does not matter to me if the PPP will only earn me $5 or $6, the thrill is that I am earning money just from a hobby is satisfaction enough.

Of cos I am happy that now that I have some side income, which I hope to use to buy, well bid for “beautiful materialistic wants” on ebay. Hopefully I can get loads and loads of it! Hahaha, who isn’t greedy? You tell me! So far I submitted 7 posts (not inclusive of this one) and can potentially earn up to USD41! Not bad huh for less than 1 week of work.