Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Open-source Time and Attendance Web-based Package Launched

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For a working mommy like me, the most ideal situation is that I could work from home. I could keep an eye on my darlings and also strive for a successful career. Well, I guess my company’s only concern will be tracking and monitoring my attendance accurately in real-time. Maybe I could persuade my company to subscribe to TimeTrex Time and Attendance Softwarewhich remotely monitor employee’s time and attendance, from anywhere at anytime.

Here, read their press release below and find out more.

Press Release

New Open-source Time and Attendance Web-based Package Launched Westbank, BC, Canada, - TimeTrex, unique new open-source software moves web-based time and attendance and payroll into the 21st century.

It's time to toss those punch cards out. TimeTrex's unique, open-source time and attendance and payroll system integrates a number of crucial features into one easy-to-use, web-based package.

"Organizations can often cut significant costs by making their time and attendance and payroll systems more efficient and cost-effective," says Mike Benoit of TimeTrex. "TimeTrex does just that, and best of all, its standard edition, in the true spirit of the open source movement, is absolutely free to download."

TimeTrex features integrated employee scheduling, attendance, job costing, and payroll functions. It has hardware support for iButtons, biometrics, proximity cards, barcodes, and mobile devices. Apart from time management, TimeTrex comes fully integrated with a powerful payroll processing system, available at the click of a button.

Being essentially web-based, TimeTrex allows secure and easy access to its interface from anywhere in the world. By streamlining employee time and attendance functions, the software allows companies to concentrate on their revenue-generating core competencies. TimeTrex has been designed to suit small and large businesses, with one or more locations.

TimeTrex's standard edition is free to download for an unlimited number of employees. Quotes for its professional edition are available on its website.

"Its many flexible features, combined with its open-source nature, make TimeTrex a one-of-its-kind software," says Benoit. "TimeTrex frees up labor and capital, so you can devote your resources to the challenges of growing your business."