Thursday, April 12, 2007

sugar free high

sooo happy, since last week, both po po & kong kong decided to totally stop buying sweets for all the 5 grandchildren...wah....sweet words to my ears...finally!

all because of ellisa....she's too cute for them to stop her when she rummage through the car (side compartment, door pockets, under seat compartment, middle console…u get the picture) in search of sweets that kong kong hid from them. Of cos being such a good sleuth, she has been successful all the time, until she is sugar high and cranky and hyper and out of control!!!

so po po say enuff is enuff…they cannot control this little woman so best solution, dun buy the “drug”!

now ellisa still goes through the car with a fine tooth comb…but after all her search and finds nothing…she will declare…. ‘ no more, no more’ and sign by waving her hands.

with most of her teeth out (about 14 now) even the 2 'dracula' teeth is showing now, it would be alot easier to take care of these baby teeth. but of cos she loves to brush them, she thinks the electric toothbrush is a wonderful toy to tickle her tongue.


CutiePrincessMummy said...

Hahhaha...very cute la Ellisa! Lucky gonggong pohpoh stop giving her sweets, if not sked her 'boh geh' (no more teeth) lar.. :-P

Grace said...

aiyo, eat so much sweets ah.... I don't keep any sweet in my house, I'll buy for them once a while only.

Oscar's Mommy said...

wei yr scrap so nice wor. how you did it la. must give me tuition already. you use which site to scrap? can share with me pls?