Friday, April 06, 2007

law and order

ellisa is at a stage where she needs to follow a certain “order” of things or people or environment around her, in order to keep her at peace. if not she will throw a tantrum and fuss you until her “order” is achieved. eh, maybe you dun get what i am saying here…give you some examples.

1. she needs to see me & daddy with specs, so when she wakes up in the morning and see that both of us did not put on our specs, she will definitely say: “mommy wher is mommy spec-ti-cals?, where?, where?”, she will be hunting high and low for it, then when she finds it, she will open up the specs and say “there, spec-ti-cals” and if i dun put it on, she will insist and shoved it to your eyes!...then she go hunt for daddy’s specs.

2. if we are out in the patio area without any footwear, she will run into the house, choose our slippers/shoes and make us wear them. she never makes a mistake of giving us a wrong pair.

3. drinking milk issue, she needs to be held by me sitting up and holding her in a certain position or not...waaaawaaaawaaaa…this is very hard to do especially when I am so sleepy during her night feeds, all I want to do is just let her drink lying down next to me…but no…fuss and fuss…then I scold her, daddy scold her…(then daddy and i wake up so tired the next day!!)

4. another drinking milk issue, if popo or mommy is not around, she doesn’t take her milk, no one else can feed her milk! period. she dun mind sacrificing her milk feeds for hours.

i can remember when erika was 2ish she also had the same “order” crisis, she will insist that she take my bra for me from the drawers and help me wear them…if I chose and wear it on my own…a meltdown session starts! she also had the drinking milk issue.


mom2ashley said...

LOL! needs to see you in specs in the morning? hahahah....
luckily ashley doesn't need to be held when she is drinking her milk..but i believe that if the first child is 'easy', the 2nd one is not necessarily that easy. so i am bracing myself for a hyper boy!

huisia said...

haha..taking bra for you..that's funny!!