Thursday, April 19, 2007

tambourine girl

as usual ellisa will go thru the drawers, rummaging around in search of something “new” to play. then she found the tambourine. i was surprised she could play it, hitting it, beating it and shaking or rattling or jinggling it like a pro!

she must have remembered the church ribbon and tambourine dancers style and steps...very observant and can pick up fast.

after beating then jiggling the tambourine, then she will turn round and round and round until she sooooo dizzy, woozy and wobbly, she falls down laughing, knocking whatever that’s in her way. she doesn’t seem bothered on what hits her, she gets up and repeats the whole dance sequence.

actually she loves turning round and round, maybe she likes the dizzy, giddy sensation. i see also pening.


Etcetera~Mommy said...

She wanna perform Hawaiian dance for her mummy ma..~~ :P

huisia said...

i read also feel pening..LOL!

mom2ashley said...

nice LO!

jazzmint said...

whoa..she seems to be talented in this field!!

ur scrap getting real good ;)