Monday, April 02, 2007

refreshing retreat

po po organised a trip to bukit tinggi for all our cousins and her cell group friends.

so on saturday morning we all got up early (daddy had to miss this one coz he went to penang to do the "ching" thingy with yeh yeh, ku ma & mah mah)get packing and set out around 10ish.

the resort is not the "burrr-gaya" but a private one la...the little resort has all the basic facilities we needed (no fancy fitness equipment and all), but good clean loo and bath (vely vely important) and clean it has nice deck areas for communal meets or laze or chit chat sessions...and a nice big pool and baby pool...the best part about the pool is the water is chorine free…and is freshly pumped up from the stream…the downside is the water is frezzzzzing cold (ellisa was shivering, so was I when we played in it) since the water so clean & fresh, erika & ellisa had no itchy skin problems like when they played in a normal chorine pool.

see all the children (i think about 15 or 16 of them) playing with the frogs & tadpoles that were in the pool!! kong kong catching the froggies and putting them in cups ~ a little science show!

in the noon time after lunch, we all walked to a beautiful water fall, just 2 miles away from the resort…ellisa walked most of the way there and back…my super strong girl! later konked-out much exercise and used so much energy!

erika was so scared of the water, so she built sand-castles...not bad can play beach here too!

time seems to slowwwwww dowwwn a lot here, even after all that came back to the resort...wah only 3 something...okay eat some more...tea time...then po po organised games...keng ah! all suppose to participate...old, young, big or small...end up only the below 12 answered her call for games...played collect water in assorted containers & win-lose-or-draw.

collecting water game...

popo real terror...organise trip, organise rooms, organise meal, organise itinerary, organise games and entertainment!!

nite we had bbq...yummy...then uncle henry took out his guitar and there was singing, joget, karaoke session! back to the 50s, 60s, 70s...coz he dunno any new numbers in the 90s!

3 girls (erika, ellisa & synn yi) plus me shared this bed...can imagine it was not very comfy for me!

the next morning, erika followed her cousins to the "bur-gaya" resort...visit rabbit farm and sat horsie horsie...she corrected me...say not horsie but only a donkey! (pictures in cousin's camera...) couldn't take more pic...crazy chasing ellisa around.

very very refreshed…from the air, the water and the noisy crowd!

can’t say the same for poor daddy. he had a terrible journey back from penang…took him almost 12 hours…to get home…a really sluggish bumper to bumper ride.


huisia said...

Wah,15-16 children, easy to control meh? Anyway, all had fun!!

mom2ashley said...

looks like a lot of fun and by the end of the day...all the kids konked out!! kudos to po-po - very good in organizing yea

jazzmint said...

wahh...po po very keng, organise trip with games somemore

Annie Q said...

wah..with so many kids around..sure havoc lei..
ya..po po very geng hor..can organise the whole trip...salute salute..