Saturday, April 21, 2007

bo bo

here is a scrap on bo bo (my sis’s daughter), and she calles ellisa 'bo bo', in return ellisa calls her back the same bo! i dunno why she made up such a name...but its like a term of endearment, maybe saying something like “i love u” or you are my buddy.

eventhough bo bo is only 7 months younger than erika, i can see that she has a special connection with ellisa and vice versa. 3 years gap but that’s just a number. sometimes you just click with someone, maybe its chemistry, and some you just clash!


huisia said...

age gap sometimes doesn't affect connection la..the gap only happens when they grow up and having their own friends..

The New Parent said...

Hi--first timer to your blog.

My little one (3 1/2) has a friend who is 6. They hit it off when they first met. Now whenever they see each other, they play very nicely together.

I agree, sometimes you click with someone (smile).

Thank you for sharing! Look forward to reading more.

BabyBooner said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog :) Hope you don't mind I added in your link so that I can read more of your future writings. Your digi scraps are inspirational!

jazzmint said...

she's a pretty girl :)