Tuesday, April 17, 2007

selling shop

i will be on leave tomorrow, need to sell shop, really…not like i have lots of property, just this one shop lot only. i dun even own the whole shop only half la.

i must say this is a real blessing from god to me and to my ah yee, coz this shop is bought by 2 of us for her to run her business. as you know, economy has not been very rosy or promising even though every day the stock market seem to break new records (not sure how it is sustained?…..hmm supported by gossips, rumours and scandals??).

after doing some market research, we feel its time to sell.

back to shop story, so ah yee was praying, fasting, and hoping we get a good buyer to buy over the business and the shop…and thank god the breakthrough came this month…so we go sign and stamp and seal the deal tomorrow…yahoo…debt free! strees free! a new beginning for ah yee.

itchy now…wanna renovate house lor…really need to expand. our house is a little like kl city, in the day time…very populated (about 8-13 people occupy it) then evening or nite, when everyone goes home then only 5 left. dreaming of my extended kitchen, living hall, glassed up patio and deck…wah…$$$$!!!

where are my other illusive shops that i can sell la? cyber shops in virtual space? who wanna buy ah? lelong lelong


blurblur said...

Wow...congrats on being debt free now!! :)

Hmm...now got $$$ can think of renovating your house liao...hehe...;p

Sasha said...

wuah rich edi! Belanja makan!

HMom said...

Welcome to my blog. You have two angels too - just like me!
yala - debt free is definitely stress free

huisia said...

debt free but another dream coming..money always seems not enough :<

karenyiau said...

I also want to renovate the house leh, but no money, no shop to sell also.... haih, have to wait a few more years loh.

Grace said...

congrats debt free!!

NomadicMom said...

How nice to be debt free!!!

Wei...actually your house so close to my house. How come never invite me for coffee one?? (I mean before I moved out of Malaysia lah)

CutiePrincessMummy said...

i wish i hv a shop to sell too! me no money to renovate my house! and even pay off the debts lar...~sob, sob~

laundryamah said...

ya agree ur kitchen desperately needs an uplift!