Sunday, April 08, 2007

early morning rants

distrubed again, disrupted sleep again...i won't be blogging at this hour if it's not for ellisa, crying and crying until i hug her, give her milk & comfort her (got nightmares ah?).

i am so awake now...later in the day then i become zombie lah.

i dunno when this middle of the night, or early hour cry session will end, hopefully soon, she's almost 2 (in another 4 months)'s really very discruptive...hmm, maybe due to this, i can't put on weight even after eating and eating....can i sell this formula and make money?

advertising for thebest weight loss supplement, interested??

mind going cranky too and daddy's tolerance level is tested to its limits. you know tahan kiddy cry or maybe its his beauty sleep he treasure more...this ellisa cry cry cry at nite is driving us up the walls.

on the other hand, day time its erika's crying that drives me up the walls, most of the time is ellisa distubing her or "destroying" her things...want to catch up some lost beauty sleep at noon but how ah? if only i can stop time. (where's that chubby jap guy in specs when i need him) aiyoooo

ya watched heroes till episode 18, can't wait for 19 to be out!!!


mom2ashley said...

hey i too watch heroes...i've watched till episode 18 already as well...episode 19 will only be out in the US on 23 april!!!!:(

IMMomsDaughter said...

Hope it's just a phase that your little one is going through. Good luck and if wake up early and cannot sleep, do more PPPlah ;)

huisia said...

oh, really tough for you la..i think i would go insane too if keep hearing the sound of crying.

Annie Q said...

hey!my boys also the same thing lei!Last two weeks is the elder one will cry in the middle of night and early morning and last one whole week is my young one..Arrgg!!I'm like u..not enough sleep!Hopefully this week they will doing ok.So far last night they didnt cry much!*finger crossed*
But why i still cant lose weight and as slim as u lei...*sob sob* So ur fomula tak jadi..hahahahaha