Friday, April 13, 2007

sick daddy

when i called home yesterday, erika picked up the phone.

me: hello erika
E: hello mommy, you know what? Daddy is upstairs, he’s sleeping becoz he’s sick. He told me he’s gonna die tomorrow.
me: huh! (daddy always says that when he is in pain, even a tiny lil’ pain, he will whine like a baby)
E: aiyah, he bluffing only la, I dun believe him…but I “kam jin” (put a blanket over) for daddy.
me: you very good girl la take care of daddy, will be back soon….

so back home, saw the big baby on the bed, moaning and groaning in pain with a swollen neck. erika trying to make him feel better, by massaging him, ellisa just copy-cat and trying her best to torture make daddy feel better.

The 4 monkeys were jumping around the room trying to induce more pain on him “cheer” him up. me, instead to kicking them out of the room, encourage them to jump so that i can take pictures. see how much fun they having!

Later at nite, mommy became the maid, the nurse, the babysitter…the list is continuously growing.

Daddy decided to sleep in another room, since germs have a way of invading other bodies. After erika visit daddy in her room, I saw erika crying and sobbing so hard, so ask her la.

me: what happened erika?
E: daddy say he’s gonna die (sob, sob, sob, trying to catch breath) I dun want him to die
me: I thot you say he bluff one
E: (sob, sob, sob) he say he will die after I get married
me: what? so how?
E: I dun wanna get married, I dun wan daddy to die…(sob, sob, sob)
me: come here, follow me…(storm into the room and scold daddy for talking such nonsense)

sick I can tolerate….talk such sickening stuff, which he does every single time he's not well…make me angry and wanna puke only! Dunno who make who sick now?


ShannonC. said...

WAHLAU!!! if i'm u also i WHACK the hubby oledi... apalar...
so kesian, make until erika cry somemore... ish ish ish.... make her phobia over a joke pulak....

Grace said...

aiyo, papa notti lah, why keep on mention die die scare little girl, poor erika.

CutiePrincessMummy said...

think daddy is really sick! i always try to skip the word 'die' in front of the princess. Dun wan to scare them!

that day i played w the princesses after a heavy dinner, suddenly stomach felt very up set and vomitted, my jiejie oredi so scary crying and running to me, asking me what's wrong mummy? she so scared something is happening to me! Tat's y i always skip the word 'die'... :)

Annie Q said...

hahaha..funny conversation..sorry ar..just cannot stop laughing why daddy make such comment on he is dying soon...

huisia said...

daddy got free!
must "piak piak" daddy, he's so notti la..

laundryamah said...

woi! that daddy LOA ah? if not how come keep saying that wor! ayo!

Wokking Mum said...

LOL daddy very funny ... naughty daddy!

Oscar's Mommy said...

see, MEN!! little bit not well say wanna die. we all WOMEN sick until want to DIE also die die have to work, cook, wash and jaga anak... cis!