Thursday, April 05, 2007

Squeezing juices

conversation between me and daddy.

Me: eh, what time you coming back today?
D: (suspicious) why?
Me: tell la, what time?
D: after this golf game la…if rain, will be back soon
Me: so what time will that be huh?
D: eh why la…
Me: you come back you know la…coz my mom wants to torture you…
D: huh?? (worried!! a bit I guess ~ mom-in-law wor) why?
Me: no la, she want to make you drink her concoction of juices.
D: oh…will be back soon la.

that was because when popo wanted to make him the beetroot + apple + carrot +++ juice last week, he quickly answered “tomorrow laaa”…hoping that tomorrow will never come. for best effect, must drink the juice fresh fresh, that’s why need to wait for the “tai sui yeh” to come back la!

daddy’s blood pressure has gone up suddenly (since last week), even his pills don’t seem to help…so popo very ingenious thought of giving him some yummylicious juices. so for more torture, the +++ juice may include vege like bittergourd, cucumber, celery (daddy hates this one!) and watercress!


jazzmint said...

wah concoction for goult or not?

Oscar's Mommy said...

eikes... this kind of juice i also sked wor... got concoction for snores at nite or not? hubby really bising la lately!