Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ppp fine print

got a rejected post today...did you know that you need to post a personal post before you post a ppp one. k! maybe some of you know that. but do you know that under your personal post, there are also some criteria or requirement that needs to be meet.

obviously it must be of original content, no replica, copy-cat or "fakes". hahaha not only that, did you know that it must be of appropriate length? how long is long ah? (dun think 'serong' here)

well i just jumped into ppp, i dun read any manual, terms or fine print...learn the hard way lor! by doing lots of errors...hahahaha

1 comment:

Leah said...

i blurr blurr never read the fine print too, got a post rejected that said cannot post consecutively two paid posts, where got this fine print to read ah?:-)

But ah, i know how mnay words we supposed to write, when you click to take the opps that time, down there got written the minimum words leh..