Thursday, April 19, 2007

mirror writing

remember my post on 'red flag' on how i was a little paranoid worried about erika's reading and writing...basically her language ability. really thankful to lovely mommy for clearing out the issue... tank q, thang gue, thank you ya! (owe u big one!) for taking your so much time and effort to type out and explain so clearly with such good examples too.

here is what she wrote:

A friend of mine has a dyslexic son, both she and her
husband are not, so not necessary from parents.

I am not an expert,
but I have noticed that letter reversals alone usually won't be a big issue,
they grow out of it. Plus, lefty who cannot decide their dominant hand earlier
can be a little
confused still.

Actually, many children are
not developmentally ready to read at 5-6 years old.

But, some of
this dyslexic tendencies shown on some children can be just due to poor/no
proper instructions. In another word, it's induced.

Can she isolate
the sounds?
i.e. can she hear the /a/ in pan and /e/ in
pen and able to
differentiate they are diffferent sounds?
i.e. can she tell
that "cat"
ends with /t/, can ends with /n/
i.e. man begins with /m/, peg
with /p/

difficulty transferring information from what is heard to
what is seen and vice versa.

i.e can she write
down "cat" when you
said this
slowly /c//a//t/

on the questions on differentiating sounds, erika has no problems, she can build words very well, she got a very good ear…music is her fave! she is able to differentiate long and short vowel sounds, that’s why she does very well in bahasa ejaan, but for yeng-ge-leish words, different story la…yingelish words have too many sets of rules and laws that even i can’t spell a lot of words correctly, by just listening to the sound of that word.

for example, simple words like:
ball…why is there double ‘ll’ when one ‘l’ works just fine
jock... ‘c’ and ‘k’ gives out the same sound…again double here
then those silent ‘e’ and ‘i’, sure i will be confused too!

phew!…so erika is normal la…just have some problem with mirror writing...which she will outgrow….soon?


huisia said...

So mommy no more worries lo..ya..i think she will outgrow it..

Leah said...

actually the examples you gave all are not exceptions.

ck is together, a two letter phonograms, two letter /k/ that usually use after the short vowel sound i.e. tack, pick, lick...

there are five reasons for silent final e....


How come I know this? I am Chinese educated, the only reason I am a good speller is because I am a visual person that have good graphic memory. When I learnt about letters represent sounds first time in my life when i am nearly 30, it opened up a whole new window to me.;-)

I find most so called phonics program are phoney. I used a program called "Spell to Write and Read", which I wrote a review sometime ago.

BTW, I don't get a kick back for promoting this program.:-)

mommy of two angels said...

huisia ~ ya...what a relief!

leah ~ thanks you are so informative & very technical too (which i like), went to the site u recommended, but they dun sell out of US la.

laundryamah said...

aiya my younger brother oso liddat until very big oso now i see it in kieran i oso not that worried la..

Leah said...

Liz(the site's owner)does sell outside US, she doesn't have international shipping calculator on the website, you have to email her privately.

Or, you can check on Ebay, another woman named Britta sells them on Ebay and also at

There is a yahoogroup support for this program:

Wanda(the author) and the trainers take turn to answer questions on the group, very good support from members too.
I "listen" on the discussions for a few months before i took the plunge to order the program.