Wednesday, April 11, 2007

mid life?

daddy is reaching the big four 'o' this year and i think he's hitting mid life crisis, well he openly declare he is, so he's not in denial, in fact he's enjoying it....give him an excuse to act any weird way he wants.

his hair style changes from the old karipup (which i like) shorter spiky look and yesterday...came back with even shorter spikier hair...summore bring back more hair holding, sculturing, molding products!!!

i dun like his new hair style...even erika says "yuuuuucckkkksssss"...not that we are out of the fashion scene or dun appreciate new hair styles...its...ehhh...just that dun suit him loh...already ah pek right...wanna look like 18 or 19 year old! hahaahah

the amount of hair products (or can i call them "industrial products") fills half the toiletries cabinet!!

wanted to post his hair pic but cannot la...after he kill or wallap scold me privacy.


babyfiona said...

my hubby going to hit big three O also behave the same thing. Cut hair short short like those punk head -.-". somemore said wanna go bald ..i think, nothing related to mid life crisis, just that they wanted to look young and not be called as uncle :P

Annie Q said...

hehehe..ur lou kong very "oi leng" ar...

huisia said...

hopefully your hubby doesn't read this post, else i bet he must be very sad..

mommy of two angels said...

babyfiona ~ hahaha 3 0 or 4 0 or 2 0 guys all wanna be young only lah

annie Q ~ you got that rite!

huisia ~ aiyah he know i dun like, he dun care also la, where got sad sad one...he like, he do, he happy! hahahah

CutiePrincessMummy said...

aiyoh, young in heart mar!! Not like mine, 30 cut 50 hair cut. Hehehe!