Friday, April 20, 2007

i dun fren u

went to the room, saw erika and synn yi quarelling...."i dun fren you, i dun fren yuuuu" sounds so familiar, so i go "8", investigate la...what happened?

me: erika, why are you quarelling with synn yi?

erika: we playing i be kakak (the maid, erika likes that, dun ask me why) and i wanna call her ma' kakak call you ma'am but she dun let me...she asked me to call her yen leng

me: who is yen leng?

erika: she is another class teacher, she is the one with the nicest face, from school one la

me: be nice la to synn yi, then u play school la dun play kakak

erika: okay la...okay la...since she is older (pretend teacher ma) i will call her teacher yen leng la

then sean try to step in...wanna play with the girls

erika & synn yi: (gang up against sean, now become good frens in less than a minute) no you are not our team, u dun play with us, u boy, we girls

sean: (angry & rejected) u all ah neh neh la...

started quarelling again...aiyah let them settle themselves since all talk talk shout quarel but no fighting or kicking or punching, so let it be la.


huisia said...

haha..their conversation quite funny la..more kids at home always sounds fun to them oo..

Grace said...

ya la..sometimes I pretend deaf, let them settle themselve.

blurblur said...

Kids have a world of their own, fill with fun! :)