Tuesday, April 24, 2007

feeling lost

had a wonderful weekend, did many things, wanna blog about it, but i so crazy snap snap snap then play play play until i even forgot that i left camera at my in-laws place. aiyah…really felt so lost without my precious lumix la!

learnt from daddy a new trick (actually it’s a real old camera technique) that you can take beautiful picture without flash, just that you need to add the camera speed to the max (for mine its 400) and then aim and shoot. i am really got lots to learn about camera techniques and gadgetry, that’s why i always put in on auto mode, keep it simple la…as long pic turns out nice and clear…i happy!

hoping my father in-law will bring my baby (camera la) home soon…i miss you! more than i miss daddy! hahahaa

talking about daddy…yesterday before he went out at nite

daddy: erika, daddy is going out tonite, you sleep early okay?
erika: okaaaay…(smiling from ear to ear)

you know that something is amiss when that happens, erika being such an accommodating and understanding child. do you know why erika likes to see her daddy go out at nite?

so she can jump onto the big bed & sleep with mommy, then leave daddy to sleep on her bed. well last time she would have bombarded the daddy with a machinery of questions that he will try to dodge as best as he can…such as:

“when are you coming back?”
“why you have to go out ah?”
“why you always go go go, what if bad uncle come in, who is going to protect us?”
“I want you to come back fast”
"who are you going out with ah?"
“when you come back, can you buy me…..(this & that..holding the father ransom)…?”

with her asking all the "right" questions, mommy dun have to open her mouth lor...
see la, how manipulative a lil’ girl can be!


huisia said...

sure daddy's ears felt very "fan"...LOL!

mom2ashley said...

i know how it feels to feel lost without my camera! LOL!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Hehehe...good girl Erika. Did she learn to ask those questions from mommy?

HMom said...

haha - well done. I trained Harvynan to ask her daddy the same thing if he goes out, but he knows I planted them in her head!!

karenyiau said...

I did that to my dad too last time, hehe so I'll happily leave this to my girl also. (yet to have a daughter though..)

Jacelyn Chew said...

my girl will always ask the same questions but to me instead to her papa! i just tell her that papa has to go to work. she then will ask, y papa goes to work at night? i then dunno how to answer??...LOL

btw, i've tagged u earlier...but maybe u've done it long time ago...nvm la, at least i tag u mar..

MY Life Zone said...

haha.. .good to have a little 管家婆.

so the hubby will not complain we are so 煩 and at the sametimes, we know the answer that we have to ask..hahaha...

hope i have a dotta like tat...(hehe.. same to karenyiao, yet to have a dotta ^^,maybe train my son first..) LOL