Friday, April 13, 2007

homework stress

kindy love to pour out more homework on me!! during the weekend...i say me and not erika is because i feel like i am doing all the work too, eventhough erika is the one writing it...i have never been so hardworking in school before and this is my 1st attempt at finishing all my school work.

used to copy copy copy others work (can ask in crime...once in a long time ago...aiyooo) no need to think much one i gotta korek my head especially all the chinese work...even had to call for back-up and my list of help (in order) 1st from jern wei, then jernwei's dad ~yee cheong, then if can't find them...then my cousins or ah yee...

like the other day erika had "ting seay" ~ spelling test in chinese, wah! i dunno how to read (dun say write la) how to say those words correctly...erika told me, but i still had to double confirm with someone...that day can't find my no. 1 assistant (jern) so look for telephone conversation goes something like this.

me: hello, can help me ah...ting seay la

c: sure sure

me: you know chair ah, how u say it

c: yee zer

me: ok is it with the 'mu' (wood) word at the right side or the bottom one...coz i see another word table, yee zer...which is which la?

c: chair yee zer is the one with the mu word on the side....table mu word bottom la

me: ok got another one...the fire word on one side and 'ting' word on the other side

c: ah that one 'teng'

me: huh? what is that la?

c: light ah...go back to school la...

see teruk and next week the cycle starts again!!! i am surprise erika loves chinese writing more than engelish or maybe she will survive her chinese school after all.
now i wanna wish for the video i just show them the page and they can explain to me clearly, no need to illustrate, explain and kena kutuk sommore if say wrongly!


huisia said...

aiya,so tough la if mother doesn't know any chinese about looking for a chinese tutor?

Leah said...

I don't know whether it's just me being a paranoic teacher who have seen too many children with learning difficulty that get ignored.

Pardon me if I offend. I see a red flag here, your children speak mainly English at home right? And you said Erika prefer writing Chinese, could it be she is having difficulties with Roman letters?

A boy that I am tutoring is in the similar situation, English speaking home, but seem to prefer Chinese and couldn't read(as in reading, not memorising) at the end of his 4 years of preschool.

After some phonemic awarenedd exposure, he is reading now, though progress a bit slower than other children, he knows the key to decode the English words and is more motivated than any other children, because he wants to read and likes reading all those books that his parents bought for him at home.