Thursday, February 28, 2008

kunming photoblog

**backdated post**

finally time to brag about my short kunming trip, since its for work, not much sight-seeing pictures la...just manage to sneak a lil time here & there to shop and see the local scene.
stayed at a very good b'ness hotel - green lake hotel (voted one of china's best business hotels of 2007 by Forbes - quite impressive la) the price also super impressive - mega expensive la, sure wins hands-down on the room and meeting packages if compared to kay-el!!
in front of the hotel is the beautiful green lake (so obvious rite with name of the hotel - like duhhh!)

pictures take from the lake - lots of seagull, quite serene but weather was very cold.

this is the famous restaurant and their fantastic service that i blog about earlier. since we were the vip, we got to sat at the largest table in the restaurant to fit 20 -25 people. since yunnan has so many ethnic groups, the dances and songs for the night was amazing...enjoy the photos.

sexy girls dancing...bells were stuck to their costume so when they move they make tingling rings.

then off to stone forest (a world heritage site) for a half day visit....that's the only touristy place i went. another spectacular place to unwind and get lost in the stone woods.
look at the beautiful formations done by god's hands. see an elephant?

outer area of the stone forest....there's a world famous golf course just 15min drive from here...daddy would love to hit some balls too la...dun care the score.

some ethnic handicrafts, didn't buy so take pic lor.

summore handicrafts at the birds & flower market...

guess where i shopped the most?? i so lazy to bargain and haggle...i ended up in wal-mart and carrefour to get all my stuff....that is until the last day when i still had lots of RMB to splurge that i went to a souvenir shop at the lake for last minute shopping. got a beautiful art piece drawn on paper...hope to decorate the house, but dunno where to hang.

now with all my goodies, need shipping boxes home.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

erika school progress

this is me erika and i am in my school uniform with my 2 pony tails.

most days before i go to school i will whine to kong kong and popo that i am sooooo scared to go to school, if daddy and mommy was around i will whine even more. so they will ask me why am i scared, i say i scared of teacher hee coz she is so fierce. but in the end, they still send me to school. somehow when i reached school, i forgot all about it and happily run into the school hall with my pink princess bag and search for my friends, especially evelyn.

my sad face - before going to school

my best fren - evelyn

popo cooked - yummy chicken, vege, soup and rice for my lunch

everyday my purse will have one $1 note, one 50sen coin and one 20sen coin. you know why? coz i am sooooo shy, if i dun have this combination of note and coins, i dare not go and buy my soup noodle which cost 70sen. i dare not give the uncle the $1 note or make up 70sen with other coins. and the $1 note i used to buy my ice-cream. everyday, i eat this soup noodle and if i finish it and have summore time i will buy the $1 ice-cream. mommy is amazed i can eat soup noodles every day for 2 whole months, she ask me to buy fried chicken sometimes, but i shy. the soup noodle is soooo yummylicious, i never bring food from home anymore, just my princess water bottle.

sometimes my friends ask me for some money, i used to give them if i have extra, then teacher say cannot do that and must tell her if my friend ask for money, not i do that anymore.

my belt also has tightened over these 2 months, mommy gotta resew the belt buckle for me. who said canteen food was yucky?

sometimes mommy will see teacher hee, since she is also my tuition teacher. i always hear them talk about me. teacher hee always says i am blurrrr, very very blurrrrr! she said after she gave all the instructions to the class in mandarin, i will still be looking blankly at her with my big, big innocent eyes, while all my friends have started their work. i also have a lot of “belum siap” stamp on my work books but mommy never scolds me about it. when mommy tells this story to her friends, she always laughs about it…is it so funny ah?

me in my class, now teacher put me to sit right in front, eventhough i am not short. why? becoz i am blurrrrr i guess. i dun really know why but i am not scared to go and ask them questions if i dunno how to do my work. sometimes i ask teacher so many times that they write some of the work for me...hehehhehe

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

good vs bad

erika was curious and started asking me lots of of them was this.

mommy mommy why outside our house got so many flags with pictures of girl and boy?

huh? where got? where did you see them? what boy and girl pictures? (thinking aiyooo hopefully nothing funniee or wierd pic here...since so many pic/photo scandals recently)

there outside our house all the flags with the boy and girl pictures?

me think think think....oh those election banners.... ya ya...those are for election

what is election?

it means we gotta go vote for the good person

what is vote?

it means we gotta choose the good person to fight for us

how? they fight all the bad guys ah? (in their world, there is a very clear line between good guys and bad guys)

yes but they dun fight with hands, but with letters and words


like they could go to court and fight (dare not even say parliament...dunno when this conversation will end then)

what is court?

alamak.... you know the show "judging amy" there is a judge in the court

i dun remember that show la....what is a judge?

a judge decides who is right and wrong, so you gotta chose the right person to fight for you

so all the bad guys will lose ah?

not true in the real world, but for her sake...i said this: if you choose the good person then all the bad guys will lose lah!! if you choose the wrong guy then all the bad guys will win la! remember ~ so you gotta choose the good person.

in the end, i dunno if she got what i was trying to say, but you guys choose wisely okay!!

baby preparations

i have to admit it...i am so lazy for this baby....haven't done anything for her yet...poor darling. for erika i was preparing for her since the time we knew we had her...then elli...a lil slack....then this baby....opps!

my excuses list - work work work:
1. work...have to happily pass all the dirty work to my new collegue and clear all the stuff before i go on my long holiday leave...hehehehe

2. dealing with erika's homework everynite and packing her school bag....the good thing is my mandarin is finally improving in leaps & bounds....better than all the special mandarin classes i have taken and paid good $$$ and yet learnt nothing for it. the truth is i can't wait for school holidays too...i need a break from homework too!!

3. renovation work - yes no pantang for me...still doing reno work, actually quite a major reno. extending our kitchen, dining hall, a new children playroom (so we can get some peace!! and space), a new bedroom for the girls (hopefully they will sleep there soon ~ fingers crossed) and the most pantang of all...major changes to my bedroom.

with all the dust flying around, i am now sleeping next to the air cleaners, and will need to shift to the girls room soon when work starts in my bedroom.

on another note, went to gynea's visit last friday and she force advised that i should get a diabetes test. why? not that my urine test showed any sugar but that my 2 darling girls were big babies (3.52kg & 3.95kg) so as precautionary test, i had to do the horrible yucky test where they poke/prick you 3 times plus you get to enjoy a super sweety cup of nauseatingly sugary drink. it was totally no fun but i just did it all the other be on the safe side. what other choice do i have?? my gene just make big babies. baby is now 1.8kg.

mental note to self...coming sale....will get baby prep stuff finally some serious shopping....if i dun feel too tired la with such a huge belly....excuses again....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

princess castle

as we were driving along, elli suddenly called out and said "the princess castle...mommy bring me to the princess castle"

i was looking everywhere, wat princess castle in out lil town of pee-jay...this is not even near any shopping complex or parks???

there.....the princess castle...pleazzzzz mommiiiii bring me there......i wanna go princesss castle

now everytime we pass a "castle" she will quickly remind me to take her there!!! so far haven't let her enter any of these castles yet...dun wanna dissappoint her with the "truth"...let her have her fantasies lah!

sometimes reality is no fun leh.

Monday, February 04, 2008

2008 phat phat phat

gong xi! gong xi!

after much coaxing they girls finally agreed to put on the cny take this shots...then after that the dresses came off coz it was not comfy!! oh well...luckily i got these photos.

teaching the girls to write up some cny cards (cheapskate la, i took home the extra cny cards from office for them to use la), erika also learned to make cny deco from school...which i hung all over the pussy willow...forgot to take pics! hehehehe