Tuesday, February 26, 2008

baby preparations

i have to admit it...i am so lazy for this baby....haven't done anything for her yet...poor darling. for erika i was preparing for her since the time we knew we had her...then elli...a lil slack....then this baby....opps!

my excuses list - work work work:
1. work...have to happily pass all the dirty work to my new collegue and clear all the stuff before i go on my long holiday leave...hehehehe

2. dealing with erika's homework everynite and packing her school bag....the good thing is my mandarin is finally improving in leaps & bounds....better than all the special mandarin classes i have taken and paid good $$$ and yet learnt nothing for it. the truth is i can't wait for school holidays too...i need a break from homework too!!

3. renovation work - yes no pantang for me...still doing reno work, actually quite a major reno. extending our kitchen, dining hall, a new children playroom (so we can get some peace!! and space), a new bedroom for the girls (hopefully they will sleep there soon ~ fingers crossed) and the most pantang of all...major changes to my bedroom.

with all the dust flying around, i am now sleeping next to the air cleaners, and will need to shift to the girls room soon when work starts in my bedroom.

on another note, went to gynea's visit last friday and she force advised that i should get a diabetes test. why? not that my urine test showed any sugar but that my 2 darling girls were big babies (3.52kg & 3.95kg) so as precautionary test, i had to do the horrible yucky test where they poke/prick you 3 times plus you get to enjoy a super sweety cup of nauseatingly sugary drink. it was totally no fun but i just did it la...like all the other test...to be on the safe side. what other choice do i have?? my gene just make big babies. baby is now 1.8kg.

mental note to self...coming sale....will get baby prep stuff ready....promise....yahoo finally some serious shopping....if i dun feel too tired la with such a huge belly....excuses again....


Sasha said...

alah...u just missed planete enfant warehouse clearance sale la... nehmind yeah..this megasale go grab lots and lotsa things for the lil one. ;)

Annie Q said...

mom's care still got sale, faster go and grab, i'm not sure the sale till when.

Ya, remember that diabetes test, hahahahah..hv to drink three glasses of glucose water. yuck yuck.

Kelly said...

I did that diabetes test before when i was carrying my Wen Wen... really no fun drinking those sugary water!! yiak!!! but u gonna hv the real fun soon!! congrates!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

I didn't do the GTT for my last 2 pregnancies coz I just hate, hate and hate it. I am just controlling my sweet stuff intake now. So far, the urine tests were all ok. Thank God!

mott said...


welcome to the slackr mum's club. I only baru got all the things ready for the grand arrival of no.3.

wekekekekeek..talk abt last minute!

Mummy to QiQi said...

even though not the first baby, there seems to be lots of things to prepare also (especially mentally!!!!)

wen said...

wah u dont pantang hor..and thats a major reno.. i wanna hv a reno with extension so i guess its major but i dont know how to clean the house..

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