Tuesday, February 26, 2008

good vs bad

erika was curious and started asking me lots of questions...one of them was this.

mommy mommy why outside our house got so many flags with pictures of girl and boy?

huh? where got? where did you see them? what boy and girl pictures? (thinking aiyooo hopefully nothing funniee or wierd pic here...since so many pic/photo scandals recently)

there outside our house all the flags with the boy and girl pictures?

me think think think....oh those election banners.... ya ya...those are for election

what is election?

it means we gotta go vote for the good person

what is vote?

it means we gotta choose the good person to fight for us

how? they fight all the bad guys ah? (in their world, there is a very clear line between good guys and bad guys)

yes but they dun fight with hands, but with letters and words


like they could go to court and fight (dare not even say parliament...dunno when this conversation will end then)

what is court?

alamak.... you know the show "judging amy" there is a judge in the court

i dun remember that show la....what is a judge?

a judge decides who is right and wrong, so you gotta chose the right person to fight for you

so all the bad guys will lose ah?

not true in the real world, but for her sake...i said this: if you choose the good person then all the bad guys will lose lah!! if you choose the wrong guy then all the bad guys will win la! remember ~ so you gotta choose the good person.

in the end, i dunno if she got what i was trying to say, but you guys choose wisely okay!!


mumsgather said...

In your conversation you sound like you are digging a deeper and deeper hole for yourself. Its always like that when they ask question after question and you have to think real hard about what to reply.

Kelly said...

wah! tough Q to answer...