Friday, May 16, 2008

pics of baby Evira

ellisa & baby E

baby E taking her 1st bath at home (under po po expert hands)

baby E all ready to play....goooo ggooooo gaaa gaaa

sleepy baby E giving mommy a cutie smile

erika che-che with baby E

sleeping baby....2 days old

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

car steering

Daddy is one crazy car enthusiast, so much so that mommy calls him the “tin man”. What to do, he’s always playing with his tin toys. Even the girls know that and will say daddy like racing car right?

Oh well, if he had his way he would have built himself a state of the art garage to put all his tin toys. I dunno what he would put in the garage but I am sure it would have steering rack and all sorts of goodies.

Monday, May 05, 2008

baby E - 1 week old

my poor baby is yelllooooow! had to go for phototheraphy for 2 days. just back today.

how we missed her! but...we also enjoyed the "break" while she went for her sun-tanning spa under the blue light.

nurses said she is such a good baby....she drinks 3oz every 3 hours, then poops after a full meal, then snoooze, then cry for more milk.

the "spa" or leaving her in the hospital wasn't the thing that worried us most, its the drawing of her pecious blood from the back of her tiny hands. and the paed need to do this every morning! after poking twice (one on each hand), the last day we decided no more pain for her. went against paed orders - can tell he wasn't happy with our decision. dun care la about his feelings, no need any lab results to prove anything - we have faith that all is well.

today she looked so fair - who wouldn't after a "spa" session...she does look so much chubbier & prettier too! mommy also need a spa session too...urut lady coming tomolo...thanks to healthfreakmommy's recommendation.

need to register her name by this week, still deciding ...