Wednesday, August 25, 2010


evira is finally on her way to be diaper free (i hope)

when she feels the urge, she will say in this order -" i wan to orr see" then "can you take out my diaper" then "u gotta move the stick to open the toilet door" (i have added my ol' fashion security feature since the break-in) then "help me sit on the toilet"

so once she is on the throne, she will say "go away mommy, go away"

she needs her privacy to do her business.

this poor girl does not have very good bowel movements, if it goes for more than 2 days....u can be assured that it's a painful crying affair with big hard rocks stained with a little blood being pushed out from my poor baby...she does look like she is almost delivering a baby! if that happens and those rocks still cannot make its way out, then its medication to the rescue. once its out, the relief is more for the mommy than poor baby.