Thursday, June 24, 2010

time to kill

now i realise being a mom makes me a killer too. it's so easy to be one these days!! it's just the opposite side of the same coin.

erika just told me in secrecy that a stooooopid tuition teacher in her tuition center (this one not teaching her summore) "touched her thigh sloooooowly" she was alone the most for a few minutes and unfortunate that no one was there....grrrrrrrr

fire came shooting out my eyes when i heard that....immediately called the center to make a humongous fuss.

told the girls i am going to buy a gun now.

they both say dun buy mom, the police will catch you if you kill him. (they still can think straight, while mom is going crazy)

i said i shoot him in the tuition center la.

erika said got camera in the center

(ohhhh - camera ah....maybe caught the guy red-handed) ...

still dunno how la...stopped her tuition until *&%$$@ is removed.

no place is safe for your children!!!!