Friday, April 27, 2007


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I was browsing around and blog hopping the mommies sites that I have on my list of links, guess what I saw? Hey, some of these mommies have started with Smorty, and getting themselves busy as they embark into another option to blog for money. Isn’t that amazing? Now there is another service with connects advertisers with bloggers…I like it!…getting paid for a hobby, for something I enjoy doing is like a win-win-win situation that I can only dream off. Usually if you start on any hobby, the first thing is you need to spend a substantial amount to support that interest.

Like daddy for instance, his hobby is cars, racing and rallies. Do you think he can get sponsors that pay him hard cash or anything in-kind so that he could zoom his car round the circuit or rally in the remote plantations or mountains? I can bet you my last dollar that it won’t happen unless he’s proven himself.

But to blog for money is a different ball game, hey, why don’t you try it?