Friday, April 27, 2007

another holiday in kl

remember the last time i post about our holiday in kl, well last weekend, we went and check in to the same kl hotel (still got 1 free room voucher mah!). this time brought along ellisa and she really had lots of fun...once we got into the room, both the girls were busy checking out everything...

when she opened the fridge and saw all the goodies inside....wahhh! can't wait to get her chubby hands into all the bottles and cans...rearrage la.

then took the instant noodles (from the hotel cabinet) and started playing with the off on off, pulling it down, up, left, right...if the hotel electical maintenance guy sees this, he sure pengsan....hehhe

erika playing with the master control switches, before long, ellisa was at it too...again on off on off

tv is another wonderful toy to occupy her and amuse her for a while, not that she's watching, she loves pushing buttons

if only they have a tv lift cabinet to keep these chubby tiny fingers off the switches!!

basically all this happened within 1 hour from the time we got in. later we took the girls on the train ride to klcc, got back for dinner at the lebanese restaurant. very, very exotic to our tastebud, it was a semi-buffet with shiasha and belly dancing performance. the girls were soaked to their heads in culture that nite! every dish that i wanna take from the buffet spread, i have to read the dish cards and then try to imagine the dish and took a spoonful to try at at time. i must say it was a very interesting and yummy and different culinary experience, and we truly enjoyed the fun "cultured-infused" evening...hmm...really considering taking up belly dancing now!! hehehe.

will scrap about the pool time & put it in another post


Mommy to Chumsy said... nice to be able to holiday in KL :D Ashley is just like Ellisa when she stayed in a hotel...checking things out and pressing all the buttons :D

allthingspurple said...

yea yea, tell me about it !!! EVerytime we checked in a hotel or walk into Harvey Norman, my toddler would be pressing all the buttons on the tv and gadgets around as well... LOL